"Mood of Atlanta"

12:02 AM Michael 0 Comments

Last weekend, Sachi's apparel class had planned a field trip to go fabric shopping in Atlanta and Leah and Mieko so darlingly invited me to come along. Crazy because I was sitting in class the other day picturing all the fabrics in Joanns and wondering where I was going to get fabric to make the final project dress. So it all worked out so well and Ally Kitty was around so she showed us around SCAD Atlanta! So cool! I really liked being in Atlanta. I'd say the building is "more modern" compared to the general feel in Sav. It's literally like one big colored Montgomery Hall. It was so nice seeing tall buildings again! :) I didn't actually get any fabric because I was so overwhelmed but I took a few samples of ones that I liked and can order that way. Good luck with all of your projects!! <3