Welcome to finals, ...I mean Midterms.

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I hope all you bumblebees have gathered up your Easter eggs because we are saying hola at that time of the quarter again; when every nighter is an all nigher. ...Not that it wasn't that way already. I've thought about doing this post for a while, but every time we end up getting much too far into the week and perhaps even a grave somewhere. Sorry in advance if I take a siesta from it all! I will post again at the end of the tunnel. SO here are a few of my favorite half term solutions:

For your all nighter:
1- Orange Juice

I don't particularly drink a lot of coffee -I tend to get ridiculously buzzed. So my alternative is orange juice and oranges. It might sound crazy because they're fruit and cute and sweet and probably don't have caffeine in them (I don't know this for sure..) but orange juice can keep me up all night. That and regular water with lemon juice in it. Make sure to drink a lot at night. Eating is easy, but eating can also make me feel lazy if I have to much. I tend to snack though when I have school work...so I am always at Kroger getting crackers. Homework makes me hungry. Oranges are also a good source of beta carotene, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, and thiamin so you can develop well and stay up all night.

for your long life:
2-Vitamin C Tablets
Also found in Oranges are vitamin C. I'm pretty guilty of not buying very much fruit, it's so expensive and disappears so quickly... but buyyy it! :) As an alternative I take Vitamin C tablets to avoid at all costs getting sick. It's so hard if you miss a class :( I know you are only supposed to take one a day but sometimes I popp in 2 at a time just to be safe. That and a multivitamin to make sure I am somewhat on the right nutrition track.

for your eyes:
3- Rotho Eye Drops

Naturally when you are tired your eyes hurt, so if you ease them you may feel a little revived. It's fairly temporary but they help me get through a few good hours. These are my favorite eye drops! Michelle Phan uses them in her "Lady Gaga Bad Romance" Tutorial as well as a few others. They literally make you eyes so much whiter, brighter, and temporarily dilated. They also help me relieve headaches without Tylenol. I use the green one, which is the mildest and there are two or three levels up. Check them out they sell at many different drug stores.

for your sanity:
4- make a list
Lists are my number one "destressor". I may still be stressed out after I am finished making one but sometimes I get so stressed out I have no idea what I am even stressed out about. Making a list helps put it all out in front of you and from there you can arrange, prioritize and goal set. This intertwines with planning ahead and time management. Take some control of your situation. Lists aren't silly!

for your soul:
5- take a shower
Actually taking showers are probably my number one destressor. I look forward to them sometimes haha. If your not ready to completely plunge in, I've been known to recommend washing your feet. I don't know what it is but clean feet just make you feel so fresh, renewed, ready and best of all, happy.

for yourself:
6-a moment of nothing

It's one of the hardest things in the world to stop what you are doing and do nothing. It feels like time will slip away from you. But sometimes this attitude doesn't place you at your top and whether you need it or not ...you do need a break. "Taking a break" helps inspire and gives the project you return to a new vantage point.  I want to call this section meditation. But almost not as active as meditation. I mean literally taking a moment outside of the earth, outside of yourself and being a spirit - because you are one. Sometimes when I feel so stressed I look up at the sky, watch the stars, watch the sun, watch the eclipses and if you give the universe a chance, it can impress you. Everything is still moving. The deadline will come and pass, but this world will keep going and going and going. And squirrels and pigeons will keep having children and populating the earth. So realize that all though your homework is the most important thing in the world, you are decently important yourself. I learned this suggestion from Sachi during her student leadership lecture and it's funny because it's so true. We never want to stop working. Don't kill yourself you guys! You're projects will turn out great. Work hard and I'll see you and your eye dropped, concealer coated eyes on the other side!