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The empty pot is one of my favorite stories from when I was more of a little boy. No matter how hard Young Ping tries to water the flower seed the emperor gave him it does not seem to bloom. Everyone grows the most beautiful blossoms and run to show them to the emperor with pride. Ashamed his flower did not grow, his father encourages him to show the emperor anyway because he knows he did his best. After the emperor asks Ping why his pot is bare and Ping tries to explain he did his hardest, the emperor smiles knowing that the boiled seeds would never be able to grow and makes Ping his heir because of his integrity. Although the story is about honesty being the best policy, also sometimes, at least I hope that, just because the seeds we are sowing don't seem to be blossoming, doesn't mean they aren't and won't be more magnificent than our wildest dreams.
If you'd like you can actually watch the full story here on youtube