Adieu Savannah, Adieu

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After the craziest plane trip ever, I'm finally home.

Everything is back to the way it was.

And it will be the last time taking pictures in this room. :( :) :(
I had to unpack my things in the airport courtesy of US Airways. You know when you watch the unfortunate do that dreaded thing of opening up your intentionally packed bags in front of the public so they can see your underwear drawer going in the trash can? yea that was me. Except I didn't throw away any underwear. Coming from 6 pounds over, I ended up being 10 pounds under and then I had too bulky of a carry on, and my id wasn't valid enough. Gosh. But grandma was such a good sport about everything.

Totally out dressing me. She doesn't like to go on the escalators, isn't that so cute? Yesterday me and veronica were on the road on our little road trip. Karen should know that it is SO not down the street lol. But St. Augustine was SO beautiful and so was Aunty Vee's house. She said it was 3 years since I had been there. Time gets eaten up so quickly. Vero wanted to stop at Parker's before we left, for old times sake, and a 5 hour energy. We did SO much that day it's insane, we moved all of her and makers things, before which we moved all of my and raychols things that night, then we went to sign our new house(!!), went to breakfast, the post office, Bull street station, and Crites Hall. THEN we left, with country tunes and Lady Gaga (the male fish). It was probably a good decision to not really go out that night like Rebeca suggested at 3 oclock in the morning, I don't know how I was able to wake up and respond at hour 30 min intervals of text. We'll go to Venus next quarter, Vero and I know that's what our model was doing. He was so funny! I totes had class at Panera on Wednesday. I'm going to miss that class so much!!!

We are wearing our jackets!!

Davidia: Which street should we walk down?
Anna: Broughton!
Davidia: Broughton?
Anna: Yes! Let's have fun!

...Now, I cannot BELIEVE she pulled out this book from her bag.
And later out came Hogwarts. She's Mary Poppins I swear! It was just such a good class! My favorite! good luck everyone! Davidia's going to FIT! I'm so happy for her. Veronica's mom was so nice!! We went to lunch during the scad grad. funn.
All in all, Florida was fun. They'll be more to post about, even though the "Trilogy" is over. 3 quarters down. Infinity seasons to go. Cheers. The Paparazzi is waiting. Yiruma is playing. And home does not change much.
I was watching my parents today. My, how I need to care for them. My heart goes out. School starts on Wednesday. Get rest.