Whenever I call home, I no longer feel like shopping. And other thoughts.

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So I totally forgot what I was going to say. And throughout the day I usually have an idea for a blog post title or I guess basically anything else that crosses my mind as a really important topic. It is fairly rare that I do write it out, especially when there is so much happening and it is best when one gets moments of verbal, unintelligent diarrhea. While the paparacchi district could cope with matters of the heart, I will continue to refrain. It's super cool when a kid walks in here, circles around and then leaves. I wonder if he is hoping people don't notice that he came in here for "no reason" like I sometimes feel. But, I'm pretty good at giving myself imaginary attention. I was in eckburg this morning. And on my way over there, it definitely found itself written on the top things I will miss about being in savannah. Waking up, putting on a sweater, and biking to the fashion building on super early escapades. And it's so easy to get so much done in the morning. I've given a little trade on the late nights in eckburg. It gets really late and I usually just ride back. I was thinking though the other day, that when I came to savannah, and still in some ways, notice that I have never so much been around the word "sketch". And I swear everything that is called sketch is so normal to me i.e. the people waiting for the public bus, walking in the night, and maybe I am just so ignorant and still to innocent of people and ill incidents and way to trusting of the night, but I've only become wary of such things because I've surrounded myself around people that are afraid of those things. And yes, dangerous maybe, there is still much magical about late night rides through forsyth. And the people here are not scary. Hobos, especially after today are in fact people with fountains of feelings. I managed an ushering spot at the fashion show today and had suchhhhh a fun, fun time. And whenever I'm around fashion, I know I'm choosing the right major. But it was just so interesting because there were so many "famous people" and celebrities, the things I want to be and hope to become, but they blended in so easily and the clear, almost melancholy reality of it was that, they, like the hobos, are people. Just people. And my mom used to say that, but the more and more celebrity figure you are exposed to the less divine they are. But who am I to pass judgments? our classes fashion show is going to be out of the water whether or not I'll be matriculating in 2012. It's just been such a crazy week. Tomorrow doesn't get to slow down too much either. I'm just not sure when packing is happening. My roommate is ready to get the cluck out of here. I'm like omgosh. Ha I have such a great vocabulary. Steven's with me. Always working ahead. I'm taking an undeserved, unfortunately familiar break. No parties, just a dyson computer and me. If some people actually find these posts and read them, gosh I swear you're so cute. stay beautiful. love you, keep stalking.