Kiss Kiss

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And since my heart is breaking without any return of gossip girl until September, I'll have to write out the world. I seriously only post the beginning of the week and the end of the week. Today is Thursday. Oh my gosh does that ever mean I get to be blessed with the opportunity to see Zim Zim (this cannot be googled..). What a little child. I mean did he ever ridicule Veronica's work and then after her telling him that was mean, he's like "what? it's not even the truth!" and I'm like: gaw. The problem is: this is seriously the first time for me and her to even draw people and the first year ever I've been holding drawing pencils and yes some people may be gifted and talented but I swear others just need the time. AND IT'S NOT LIKE I DON'T WANT TO BE GOOD AT IT. because boy do I ever. It's just one of those wants but can't have right nows. My self portrait isn't out of the water, but gosh if I get one more 7 out of 10 i'm going to turn into a 7 out of 10 and who wants that? certainly not you j. He is right about knowing you are wrong and starting over and I do keep that in mind now. I'm not so sure a teacher should act so whiny. I don't even understand these artists.
I did however, on the positive side of the rainbow, get my sample book back.

and I did, get a 175/175! which was an amazing start of the day. I am in love with Trisha Quak. I swear, like despite popular opinion. I think everyone deserves a chance. Including my life drawing teacher. It seems as though there is a little bit of an all nighter going on in my room. Good luck to ya cadet. I just took some fun pics with Christy. Gosh my eyes are closing. I hope Jacquelyn is safe driving home. I obviously worry. Thanks for taking care of her Karen. School's ending, and I'm obviously a big baby with "bye byes" but it will be an exciting and incredibly packed summer. I'll write you notes of course. Oh my ga, by the way, I know I don't follow traffic laws but if I apologize when I do not have to, puhlease do not take the opportunidad to let me know I could get a ticket for riding on the rode like that. I mean babe, let's be optimists. Swear a run in with officer saftey/negative nel. I enjoy hanging out with Veronica, some roomy bonding. I'm supposed to text her to let her know i'll be joining her to the bull street station. I love the fashion building! and I love my class. and although I do not have the love for fashion it self I need to grow, I do love to sew, and will always feel very human and very myself for doing it. And yes, I cannot draw, and no, I'm not the best designer in the world, I'm the best myself as of now. Just as you are the best yourself. There's a compliment. Sweet dreams moon.