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Prom is obviously the "night of nights" and well it's May and it's also been prom season for a little while now! And in case you're going tomorrow or the next day or weekend or whatever I thought I would give a little advice for the guys. And I'll be totally honest and admit I googled prom tips before my prom and there wasn't too, too much help for the guys, while there is so much that can be said!
I went about prom in an unusual manner, and made a corsage and had an idea of what I wanted to look like(very un typical american prom male), and you have all these ideas and things you have to pay for amidst silly drama. All very masculine observations. ;) ANYWAY. no one wants to here this. Everyone just needs some help. and I'd like to think there is quite the crowd of testosterone that do care about what they are going looking as. In society's view of prom anyway, it's a special time of the year for girls yes, but it's also a time a guy can get a haircut and cleaned up and look really nice and go to an elegant dinner, rent a tuxedo, and spend some monayy. Not that he shouldn't do these things everyday...

A good attitude equals a good time.
So hear is a basic ramble on likes/dislikes

 I swear not every guy needs to be homosexual, but gosh, fit is a good thing. Tight, tight also is a little weird. Also, I'm not a big fan of boring patterned vests. I think a vest is the only thing I don't find to tastefully patterned. They are just too flashy. And fat looking. Jk. Jk..

I think cummerbund are so cute. But they don't have to dead on match like these. Complementing is often "better" than matching. Matching looks to easy. (although we know its not).

While a traditional look like this is attractive, here's a few tips to help you stand out.
Bow tie vs. tie? Bow ties are so fun!

Ties are everyday and can be worn to homecoming, a school dance or whatever, but when picking up your Oscar, a bow tie is especially dashing. How many times do you see a bow tie apart of a school uniform? almost never, because it would be so dressy! and you are a very dressy man.  I have however seen some very nice long ties being brought to prom. Everyone looks different. Patterned or colored ties are a very nice touch if looking for color. Which brings up the point, I do in fact think it is important to look as if you and your date are there together, because its quite a little mound in highschool to go with such and such a person. Subtle matching is a little more tasteful to my eye. Instead of getting a matching powder blue tux to match a powder blue dress, maybe there are little blue florals on either the shirt, or bowtie, or whatever. And a patterned shirt is a very good thing to have. Less traditional- always better. I'm not suggesting this..

but these:

are indeed a lot of fun and I KNOW a lot of people won't agree, but some how a turn on. Anyway.
There's a lot more information out there now than there was last year. I think there's a shift in what retailers think guys care about. And at the beginning, honestly it might not be "the night of nights" because every night is and should be "the night" of "nights".
Make it one of them.

Good things:
Going in groups (make suree you know what your money is going to, and that everyone is actually paying)
Going to the actual after party
Not spending a lot of money (you can honestly get separate pants and a suit at H&M for around 60 bucks, and then it belongs to you, also H&M is a European inspired store, to help "unamericanize" your appearance)
Getting a corsage
Smiling if you're nervous about meeting the parents (they would prefer a smiling boy)
Complimenting the girl
Staying with her during the dance
Dancing (she/he might understand you don't want to dance, but one song, one surprise always brings blush points)
Take pictures!
Feel amazing.

good luck ;)

What looks good on YOU looks good on YOU.
Have a great time! Be yourself
Don't let me dictate, these are only suggestions.