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I was standing in 107 pressing the interfacing and realized May is slipping right through my fingers. And unlike the fusing, there's no sewing it up. It's late, I know. I'm going to have to pick up a regular bed time. Kaitlyn is so nice. Such a good attitude so late at night. The latest fashion kids. I'm sure she's done working right now. I didn't get into the classes I especially wanted. Registration was a beech-- at the beach. and yea yea, it wasn't a very positive way to look at it but when I got the email to volunteer for the Fashion Show, and saw it was sent at 3 and I was opening it at 7, I figured if it was anything like registration, I wasn't getting a slot. And it was and the spaces are full. But cheers on the show! I think the eval is coming up. Paula. Gosh I swear it's late. We'll look for a house soon enough. In the rest of our time. It was so good hanging out with Maggie and Raychol again this weekend, like "old times" and even better that Jacquelyn fits so well. :) When I think about it, our floor got pretty close, and we didn't even especially meet on that floor. I like the heat. Not inside... But it's comforting somehow.
Anyway, so what if there's this kid that you see ALLTHETIME, and you sure as heck know their name already, are you like supposed to say hi? As in I just saw you 30 minutes ago by the library and then we run into each other outside of our next door classes and earlier today. weird. I swear like my ability to run into someone over and over by COMPLETE coincidence/mistake is insane, and it's almost like I have a satellite/timer but gosh I swear I don't. My ions might need to get checked out. I have run out of children's gummies. Gosh I could eat those all day. it's so bad for you. When I was a kid (I can say that now since this weekend has been one of adulthood discovery), I used to take the vitamins my parents gave me, put it in my mouth, walk away with it just touching my tongue and spit it in the trash somewhere else. haha. wow that was pretty random. I'll see you tomorrow maybe. I might feel like posting more. I'm going to be in the student center drawing hands. I have a lot of homework I need to be doing. Class is in a few hours. Enjoy the day. <3
look at that video below if you haven't already.