Apple Cider Toner

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This DIY uses incredibly healing apple cider vinegar as a facial toner. Apple cider vinegar helps reduces blemishes as well used to treat sun burn, insect bites, dandruff, and headache by restoring your acid/alkaline balance. Things like water we drink and soap we use can disrupt our body's pH balance with the amount of base in it.

A toner- like this one- helps constrict pores, deep clean and pick up whatever is left behind after cleaning.  It is amazing what can stay on your face. Toners also help that pH balance we were talking about. Products like these are great, but like anything else, they can be costly.
Here is a cost friendly way to make your own toner at home, and maybe a few other things with apple cider vinegar, pretty much all you need is apple cider vinegar and water:

(ps. I totally take responsibility for the spelling error in the banner)
1. Begin by pouring a little bit of apple cider vinegar into a small dish- or in case you want to save it in the fridge, a container. I am using a teaspoonful, but use as much as you'd like.
2. Add an equal part of water. The ratio I am using is 1:1 or actually 2teaspoons:2teaspoons, but different factors like smell and haha well, "burning sensation" cause other users to add more water to dilute it. If anything, I like to put more ACV and make it more potent, but to each his own. It will work either way.
 3. Stir a bit.
4. Take a cotton ball/pad and dip it into your toner.
5. Now apply and rub onto your face in little circles around and around. I know my face isn't perfect, but I swear it has gotten so much better since I've been home from school. Apple cider vinegar has been known to help fade age spots within 2 weeks. I'm not saying I have age spots! But spots are spots. My mom also makes me pour apple cider vinegar into my drinks when I cough a little. It helps control phlegm.
6. Now to finish off I'm going to use Iqqu Acne Serum and moisturizer. I love everything Michelle does and really do believe in this acne serum. It does however, make your skin appear worse before it starts to get better. Trust me, it's true. But that's because it is bringing the toxins out of your skin and surfacing them. That way your are thoroughly cleaned. I put this on a clean face. You only need a little. It is on sale now this summer for $19.99 when it's usually 34.99.
Also, for an extra glow, you can rub a piece of ice on your face before, or after the serum. But it gen after you clean your face or tone. It helps close your cleaned pores and keep you feeling refreshed. Lastly, I'm using Pond's Clarant B3. You don't have to use these same products! Use whatever you have! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for this Pond's product and was tempted to look for it online. But I found mountains of it in Bed, Bath, and Beyond. ha. This one is for "normal to oily skin" because I get really oily skin in the summer time. I think it works really well! It's part of Pond's "made in Mexico" line, the directions are in Spanish, and product wise it makes your skin feel really matte and finished. Great product! I'll have to do summer reviews sometime.
Congratulations on your toner! Keep using it and let me know how you are doing! This is still a journey to clearer skin.

Note: You can use a similar mix in greater volume when you are washing your hair. Although it is smelly, it cleans your hair so so well and you can eventually wash out the smell with shampoo during.