That Borders Date: Movies, Henna, Men's Health

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Hey you. So after tweeting about how my love life with borders has been riding the raft, I totally went there yesterday, after of course going to the movies with the Sitar Center. Never thought that would happen. It was cute though. Yes well of course we could have gone to see something a little more, um artistic, sophisticated, like that opera, but if the people want to go see a movie we will see one. I don't even remember the name of it. But the basic idea is a guy trying to marry an artist girl and they are both trying to move up in their careers. In doing so, the guy kind of acts out of character and desires to attend the promotion dinner in which he has to bring a dummy. Basic idea. I'll remember it later. It wasn't a great movie, but it had a cute moral and some funny parts buried within the really odd scenes.

Okay, now instead of being Mr. Around town movie critic, I bought Dark Brown Henna at Whole foods, which is like this natural, totally safer way of dying your hair. Besides it was the cheapest kind in there. Like the rest of them were 14 dollars and permanent. I pay like 3 to 7 dollars to dye my hair... That's probably why it got so bad. ANYWAY, I am soo excited because I haven't dyed my hair in an entire 2 months. Since May I think. So crazy! I'm not feeling the withdrawal any more either. I was thinking of prolonging the health and the roots finally don't bother me any more. Neither do I always have to walk near the hair coloring in the CVS. I'm ridic. ...I just talked about hair dye.

So I thought about getting "Black" because I think that would make me look like I have more clothes. I swear some colors make you look like a wardrobe collector. But did you know that apparently it is much more dangerous to dye your hair black than to dye it blonde, because it has certain chemicals that are more carcinogenic and can potentially seep into your scalp. That would totes freak me out. I doubt it's the same rule for the Henna, but I'm not up for the chances. That's all so odd because becoming blonde, you have to strip your hair of it's essence. Mine is deff stripped, I just put temporary color on it so it changes throughout its life span. ha. I'm still talking.
And Henna is even cooler because historical goddesses like Nefertiti and Cleopatra are backing it up. They would put Henna in their hair to enhance their hair coloring. "Altering image" has always been around.
What I wanted to mention was! I was browsing through the borders and Appearance, things like Makeup and Skin care were there next to the fashion things. And being obsessed with appearance I made a pile of books to flick through, and this is a little bit of a critique but: almost, I will not say all, books geared towards male fashion, style and hygiene all include the same diagrams and subjects and it is not what I am looking for. I swear I have seen the different types of collars, wide, button down, and to tap your razor on the sink while shaving a billion times. But like I said it's not what I'm looking for. I really do think men care more about their appearance than society would like to think! And it's an audience that is not being properly catered for. If it has to be a bachelor straight book fine with girl flirting tips. But I think men need to know about balding, a negative effect of that aging testosterone, how to prevent it, what products to use and natural resources that are out there. Also wrinkles, men are much more likely to get wrinkles in the eye area than women are. And although every book reminds you to moisturize, it needs to tell you what to moisturize with. You can pick Suave, or you can pick Neutrogena healthy skin, but it is important that you know that your skin is an investment! Why would you not take care of it?

 You need to preserve yourself. You look good if your body looks/feels good. Wait no, this is not about comfort. You'll look well if it's taken care of. Men are curious, write books for them. They are not going to go up to the counter and ask. If it's not there, it's not there.
So speaking of whole foods, where the rich an pretty shop, they have such neat hygiene, beauty stuff! That's not sold at cvs or safeway, haha. But it's really cool, and obviously if I had a lot of money I'd try them all out and write reviews etc. But that is not what this life allows.
Ps for men and hair, try using rosemary in your hair. Like the Christmas tree branches. Rosemary has hair growth properties that counter hair loss. I know...I'm a little worried, how embarrassing. I'll do a tutorial sometime about how I put it in my hair. I don't use the oil like recommended, but I do make tea.
I figured I should do a real post, lave ya. michaelaldkjalsjdflajd.
Till then Me. I'll be going to Rahwana's birthday cel tonight at Silver Spring, two days in a row.