So I'm completely, completely floored: LittleFashionisto

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This kid is so insane- and it's not just because he is extremely stylish

But I'm feeling like it's because I stumbled upon his Youtube sometime ago and I remember it having like 4 or 5 videos, and they were really simple but for whatever reason I just loved watching them. Like the one where he gets his hair cut, or vlogging and noting how awkward it is to talk to the camera. And that was so crazy to me because I have so many vids on the harddrive that I don't upload because of how odd they are. But his were so neat! And his looks were way cute, but there were not nearly as many. ANYWAY, I looked at it today, and not only  did he have more videos, they were so creative and he seems to have gotten such a long way in a span of maybe 3 months. And companies are featuring him and asking him to model. And of course we don't know each other, but I'm so proud of him anyway. Thats must be why his pictures are always showing up in my Tumblr through Lookbookguys. Anyway, he's doing so well! And his blog is so neat it's insane! This is me expressing my jealousy! So you havee to check out his:

So I'm totally advertising, but that's just because I'm so impressed!
He embellishes a lot of his looks and is clearly very daring, as well as pretty attractive. And not only does he sometimes get his pants from his sisters closet, he is H&M/Zara crazy, as well as an obvious camera whore- which is like all that I promote. I suppose there must be perfect people in this world.
So overall I love all your clothes, all your pictures, and completely aspire to be you. Here's your paparazzi.