Vanity Mag.

8:08 AM Michael 0 Comments

 Read this, perhaps it's too honest:

Vanity Teen is one of the most pretentious magazines around. And so it should be. Adolescence is, after all, a time for experimenting with social identities; trying to find a place in the world. With a name like Vanity Teen, it’s not as if this title could be accused of misleading us as to its potential intentions. The self-referential narcissism of youth is its reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

Enclaves of na├»ve youths may throw bricks at the screen upon reading such blunt words about a magazine aimed at them –and within which many of them probably dream about appearing- but it’s hardly a hidden reality that the patronizing old people should deny, going along with it like some Emperor’s New Clothes narrative.

Youth is sexy. Youth sells and, more importantly, youth buys. But, in all honesty, it is often difficult to work out exactly at whom this title is aimed. Is it actually at the youth audience that one might automatically assume from the title? Or is it at lecherous old voyeurs of both genders, eager to mainline that elixir in the form of fresh faces and fresh blood? The truth is probably a bit of both.