The Edwards Birthday Breakdown

1:13 AM Michael 0 Comments

So it was totes Victory's birthday ( a few days ago) and I totally had to change my pants because they were way too tight. Haha, sorry! And grandma and I always have to take one of these pictures like these! yes girl yes.

And so after dancing salsa with pridey, and having to sing Happy Birthday to you, How old are you, I am, and God bless you, we have to take pictures. Like, we are ordered to. And after years of these awkward trad photos we kind of learned to spice it up? My dad is so into the rigid face and old photo, and was not pleased by Rico (who by the way although still from Puerto Rico (Costa Rica?) just got back from Ireland with a -no not a dress- a kilt on) 's sudden guest appearance. He was fun. And at least he wasn't asking for money this time. Ya, so silly pictures happen.
And next, for whatever reason, cutting the cake is like A REALLY BIG DEAL. I swear we must have approx hundreds of pictures of knives entering into beautiful piles of flour and sugar. Ironically, the little Chinese man when I went to get my medicine specifically told me not to get chocolate and of course what walks right into the house is straight from the cocoa tree, or actually Safeway (Giant?).
But yea, exotic or not, mine ended up on the floor, thanks to mother. I didn't need to be eating it any way. My pants were getting kind of tight after all.