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Happy Birthday, Tsukino Usagi. You are always my most admired. 

Thunder Cake

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Inspiration Book 26

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live. be fearless. really, there is nothing you should fear.

Garance Dore's Kering Stories

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I am absolutely amazed by Garance Dore's Kering Stories series. I believe we could agree that over time "fashion" has become more accessible:, youtube videos, facebook pages, twitter, pinterest...etc. It is very easy to "get to know the house". But Garance really takes it to a new avenue, exploring the group Kering and showing us the value of being apart of this "family". Really, I am surprised at how kind this makes fashion seem. It's nice to challenge the stereotype a little.

Keepin track of mah googles.

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Co-wash hair meaning
Letting balloons go Japan
Charlie and the chocolate factory (..I wanted to see what the actor looked like now)
Brandon Oda
Minneapolis (getting a sense of geography)
Kitsune France
G street Fabriccs
Artattacks michael edwards good will (this one time I mentioned I shopped at good will... to someone)
Zumba savannah, ga
James Jean
Angemon digivolve
Title then author (which comes first?)
Expats France
My name a few times ...why not
Quotation marks short story title
Jane Xiang Scad (looking for her website... or maybe stalking, whatever)
Choson dynasty
Weather dc
John Galliano Alexis
Where the gods lived Apollo
Habana village dc 
Philipp Plien
Young michael jackson
Cargo free site upgrade 

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Spring Quarter

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Just, going through the photos before the upload. Ahhh, emotions.


We can find ... if we want too

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"Life isn't always what we want it to look like. When gritty reality leads to a disheartened spirit, or the dreams of our youth grow dim, we have the choice to succumb in defeat or take a stand. We can find beauty in the struggle, humor in the unfairness, and life within ourselves- if we want to."

-native magazine, nashville

Thank you, Elizabeth

Arrivals / Departures

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Welcome to Amer--I mean, bon voyage Victoria

Thai Tea

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"Don't let your dreams, be dreams." --Jack Johnson

*"Paparacchi" zipper pull is crafted, by the incredible, ever wonderful Karen Kriegel. Thank you. 


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