I want your lave.

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Hello lovely Sunday-ers.

I sincerely hope everyone's been having a wonderful week!

woop. (...I promise you you will never see that top picture anywhere else on the internet. facebook world? no.)
I obviously don't say a lot of stuff that's going on or in my mind because this is pretty much open for the most part, and I don't get to see profile views or stalk the viewers so YOUUU are totally safe. Sorry, I'm super shy. But idk maybe I should work on that. (I probably will not) However I was accompanied by quite the beautiful caravan of folk to church today including my drawing teacher and his wife. This wasn't my idea, but eh hey. It might take a while to get back into a regular Sunday. This is such a lame post. haha. gosh. I should be reading for my movie based english class. Apparently Trey's life drawing model had a puppy in his purse he called his baby and red undies. We weren't THAT lucky. there's SO much to say. youu should text me and we could chat! I was in the bathroom today at Eckburg and gosh every bathroom in this school is "nice to look at". I wouldn't put my tongue on it or anything but no bathroom is boring here at scad. I even tweeted that. but then again I guess I tweet everything now.

Yesterday at Michael's, this random bum guy tried to help us open Kayleighs car because the keys were left in the ignition. And after trying and trying (after us trying because we WERE at a craft store), the guy goes in to buy his stuff and comes out with a stick or something.

But what was really weird was after giving up and leaving, the guy drove back, walked to us, and apparently "stopped at" men's warehouse and got us a hanger. Nice at first, a little obsessed. haha. He couldn't open it, little did he know he was about to be such a blogged celebrity, so instead we had to call "pop and lock" to pop that lock. ...which almost didn't happen. But did! I did say something about having an english paper to write. I went in to draw that skeleton we have to do, and literally the break down is two different teachers and sets of classes have to draw the same assignment, but it's never crowded. And I am thinking it will soon be quite the convention? It's just I don't feel it would be right to "regress" in drawing class. After having a goal of "40" hours per week. 5 hours on a weekend is like uh. But I am very happy with my class! Positive posts! Positive posts!

Today is the Gag sters birthday.

So of course I tried to do something themed.

Next time I paint my lips and wear paper and foil. This has been quite the camera post! Omg! I did not mention that we have zombies. and oh my gosh, are there ever much too many.

Spring Quarter I feel like you're running away so quickly. And you are slipping right through my fingers.
English here I come.

Class again.

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It's a little insane, but I have enjoyed this week immensely and my classes are so much fun! I don't this is supposed to happen.
ENG 123: We watch movies, like everyday AND they are the foreign types I am in love with. Ohmygawsh! This dude is so cool.
DRAW 200: Sisterhood of the traveling pants. I am Alexis. :)
FASH 100: I love this class! Now, it is at 8 oclock in the morning but we are such a great group and our teacher is NUTS!! She walks in and while she's talking about how she has to get back into the swing of 8 oclock classes, mentions that she needs more lipstick on today, we get a good long "flash" of her girdle, and find out her opinion on black girls on American Idol. She is SO random and it's actually die laughing funny, not a pretend game. I'll be doing my share of outside time to love "Juki" the bullet machine. I'll admit, this major feels like the right one. xx

If you sing, you might feel better.

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The world is waiting just for you.

I'm so, so sorry Ricky, again.

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I made a bad trade.


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There's a legend that if you make 1000 paper cranes, the maker/makers will be granted a wish, typically something like peace or happiness. And are often given to a new baby or newly married couples for luck. Apparently, sometimes 24 have the same effect.

Sometimes I'm still a little boy.

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And need to admit that I need other people and assurance and guaranteed love and a family. When you're a kid you say how you feel so easily. Now there are rules, social norms, and fears of rejection, of being weird. That kid is all of himself. I want to be all of myself. This "movie" I've found myself in can be little intimidating. That's probably why I so often write out a script. I shouldn't be scripting this. Me a little boy, baby stay happy.


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64% battery life. I promised myself I'd write today. Rachel left yesterday, and Thursday is pretty much the absolute cut off. You know, sometimes I'm actually not sure if I can write everything here. I don't want to keep it private! But hey, it's on the internet. I'm having a great time Target raiding, Cat catching, bike not-braking. haha.. I'm walking to the library in a little bit, to return everyone in the world's library books. Lady Gag. is keeping me company for the weekend. That and the radio DJ. Gawd, I'm so happy I have the room to myself. I say this in the most non selfish way possible. I don't miss home, but I do miss the city sometimes. That sounds really bad. I'm going to need a job soon. My computer charger died, ...again. This will be my third HP Smart Power Cord. If it were smart, it wouldn't die so easily. Then again, I am no expert on computers. I am currently passing through one of those life phases where you are living a story line from a film. It is ca-razy. Ca-razy. haha. We'll see the outcome. You will know the outcome. I currently have a collection of 3 scad cards and a room key. I'll probably start my weeks shift of cleaning soon enough. Something to do, Something to do. Give me something to do 59% battery life. Who reads this stuff anyway?

I hear you're from a friendly universe.

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I don't know how to talk, because I'm afraid I'd start to sing.
I promised not to walk, because my heart might want to dance.

Somewhere else.

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Somewhere else, I'm sure I'm living a little braver.

Weekend Schmeekend.

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Horoscopes should not be read because even if you don't believe them, I swear your subconscious decides to mold your day something like that, because you're getting a second opinion and everyone wants another straight forward, I don't know you opinion from a stranger I guess. But those facebook cancer ones are usually pretty positive. I was reading the one today and say I didn't finish it but I'm pretty sure it's burnt into my head. I usually don't mind looking at them at the end of the day, weird right.
It's finals this weekend. But, strangely I feel like I really don't mind. There's really no reason to stay or be stressed, if you acknowledge "ok, I have a lot to do, I am stressed out, but it's ok it will all work out" and in all seriousness the due date WILL come and pass and acne will come and not pass. There are much more serious things, like war, or getting closed in a metro train door. So why not enjoy the sunshine. Gotta love a final. <3
It was a fair week. I'm very much glad it's over, and I'm super hungry right now, but the scafe does not open until 11 which is crazy, I mean that means you start your day at 11, (because why would you wake up?) and then you have a little day. But I guess there are some people who manage to make their days little everyday. And I should have gone drawing this morning. Now that the quarter is winding down I guess it's ok that Prof Rise talks to me. That will forever be awkward. Can't talk to girly boys, nope nope. I got a package from home yesterday. I should take a picture of it! haha. Mostly green tea, oatmeal, socks, my USB cord that I thought I lost at the airport!, and my favorite gummy bear vitamins: which I so bad because I eat them like candy.
You know how its really hard to have a favorite song, well I think the last few days might have had one. Take a listen to "I" by Yiruma. You can find it on myspace (I know...who uses myspace,) (it's in my links in the side bar) and just press play once you reach the page. lovee all yiruma.
Hopefully this weekend Starship or Adam takes us to DownUnder. Woop woop todat.
Plans for tomorrow include zumbaing (last one- sad face), scary drawing, and bye bye Ally :(((((

And tonight the world's awake.

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I haven't written in a while. But honestly that's because every time I started, I wanted to make sure I wasn't just putting just a bunch of negative feel sorry for me things. I could never do that. But now I feel like I could start over. I totally got to Barbara today while I was in Wallin! It's weird because every single time I talk to her I feel like I haven't talked to her in forever. And kind of like this, maybe it's bad to call someone when you aren't feeling to great, but sometimes you really do need someone to call that is somehow outside of your life but at the same time, more so in it. and I love her.
I have to go to the library tomorrow. Gosh I'm so tired. I chose to flip colors of a work done by Tarsila do Amaral. I don't know too much about her but her works are very pretty and color filled and you know I'm just one big fat(skinny?) rainbow. I've talked to my mom a lot lately. or at least I FEEL like I have. When really it's just a lot of missed calls both ways. She's sending more green tea. Ha. I really wish my face would clear up. This post totally wins the ramble award.
Our next speech in class is our professhh. speech. I was thinking of commemorating Michelle Phan because I think everyone must know about how much I love her. She's in Vogue! This is the first issue I've ever bought and it's because she's in it.
and lastly, (I love how I am giving you an update of all my classes)we're doing watercolors in drawing and I have no idea how mine is going. You know how you usually have an opinion on how your work is going. This time I have no idea. I have so many thoughts right now. :( My roommates are sleeping. This is crazy. I'm actually surprised they've been going pretty strong these last few days. Especially with these wonderful fire drills in the middle of the night and/or morning.
I don't think I will be able to live on campus next year. Next quarter even but I'll wait until the new year. It costs too much and I have to be reasonable. There's obviously a lot of sacrifices made to go here and really, I'm not sure I'm so deserving. But it's interesting how the universe works. Absolutely everything that happens, person you meet happens with so much intention for the future. Sometimes I'm just so overwhelmed not even by school work. But by feelings. Good things, bad things. What this person said, what you said, how this person looked at you, whatever. There's so much to be handled. and I get to live with the best people ever.