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Have a little faith in yourself, Miguel.

"Learning Opportunity"

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Today I was sitting down, trying to gauge how much I was learning, or better advancing, now versus the start of the summer. To be honest (this is kind of embarrassing) I haven't sewn anything new, I haven't altered any patterns. So is this ok? I'm sure I'm learning things. I am definitely seeing things I haven't seen yet and putting links together in my brain. I'm interacting with all kinds of people. I wish I could better tell how much of a service I am doing, or a disservice? Am I better today? I'm just not really sure if I feel insulted right now, privileged, behind, or what. Haha I am always such a mess.I feel like, there must be more potential.

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The more I research what I could do, the more I realize I don't know. And now I wonder, will I know enough in time?

Inspiration Book 23

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The original tumbles.

Starting to believe these posts are the mood of my now.

Beach day

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Manna, Resurection of a blogaholic

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You know, it's really, really incredible. When you literally have no money and yet you are able to take home food to put in the refrigerator for tomorrow. I seriously feel so happy right now, and the first place I had to go when I got home was blogger.com.


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This guy is so INCREDIBLE! I love it!

Near Sighted

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It's always amazing to think, how the you three months ago, or even days or hours ago, have no real foresight of the you, you are right now. Doing the things you are doing, seeing the things you are seeing, feeling the way you are feeling.