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One fun thing about New York city is that you will never find a library empty. It is always FILLED. Why is it so filled do I wonder? What is everyone studying for, advancing to? Are these college students? I guess it would be good to get out of the confines of a school building. But I absolutely find this so fascinating. A room filled with people STRIVING. For what? A better life? :)

Make Space

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A long time ago I remember reading an article, a blog, a note, something like that, about when you are expecting or wanting something, begin to make space for it in your life.
And so step one, may I begin to make space. May I begin to allow it, believe in it.

How to have a Better Conversation

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1. Don’t multitask
2. Don’t pontificate: Enter every conversation assuming you have something to learn; everyone you will ever meet will know something you don’t; Everyone is an expert at something
3. Use open ended questions: How was that for you?
4. Go with the flow - thoughts will come, let them go out
5. If you don’t know, say that you don’t know
6. Don’t equate your experience with theirs; all experiences are individual
7. Try not to repeat yourself
8. Stay out of the weeds - people don’t care about the years/names/dates
9. Listen with the intent to understand
10. Be brief and be prepared to be amazed

Go Beyond

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Set high standards for yourself
Always look to improve how you are now / what is already set
Go beyond what is expected of you
Model high integrity (High integrity is "beyond" behavior)



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There are chapters in our life. -And with every chapter comes new and unique challenges.

There was trying to break into fashion. Avidly pondering new ways to have an innovative portfolio and resume combo. How to make a website more engaging and for companies to want to know more. Going to events and dressing up with friends. But it was challenging, and sometimes I would get down. Head into New York in the dawn and wait on a park bench until it would get light enough outside that I could head to the interview location.

And there was trying to leave fashion - but really to find a new sense of purpose. To find something that I felt made me feel excited, valued, and in a way important - needed, that may be a better word. Fashion was and is fun. But I ended up sitting on similar park benches as before and just crying, bogged down with stress.

And now while that stress is gone. There are so many new and different stresses. I do believe in a such thing as positive stress. Or stress that motivates, "inspires" you to move, be creative, and solve problems. But it's the stress that is not pretty that's hard to deal with. And as we get older comes more. More responsibility to other people, the government, our creditors. And I feel fake, because alot of the time I don't know what to do. I really wish someone could help me. Maybe you feel like that too sometimes.

How do you balance pride and self-love. I think self-love is the antidote to so many problems, but I think pride, ego is the source of so many. Thinking I deserve the best. But doesn't self love teach you that you do? I don't know, I just need help.

You're all grown up now, Miguel.

Photo Therapy

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Trying to: feed myself good things and good thoughts. By: listening to music, watching awesome youtube videos, working out when I don't feel like it, surrounding myself with wonderful people, worrying less


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I am just getting back from one of the most unexpected and beautiful trips of my life. And somehow - right now - i am feeling incredibly emotional. I kind of want to say sad, but not quite with such a bad connotation. perhaps...melancholy. emotional about... my past and my friends and people I know/ used to know. Is that what travel does? A reorganization of our mind? An update? Like everything is still there, but there is a new download of all these new things and sends these shock waves of connections to all of your past life experiences. I don't know. But I think this - writing - is helping. Literally came home and started vegging. Should I do laundry? Oh look the laundromat is closing. should I get groceries? I could swing that to my layover tomorrow. Proceeds to use all the strength in me to hand wash two work shirts to take on a work trip with me. Soak, let it soak, that will make it look better :) I'm happy, but I'm also sad.

This whole trip, I kept mentioning how I am physically trying to process all that I am seeing and all that I am doing. The cenotes - magic. The lagoon - no words. The beaches - never felt so relaxed. I love mexico, really. And it's like this weird feeling that more good things will come. bad things will come too. but good things come! I'm sad right now, I really am. it's the right word. I even just went through some of my treasures in my closet. Read them. Observed the handwriting. and realized that that's all gone. Today is good. I have so many special people in my life. and there's no need to rush, "going forward". Tomorrow is bring and teach us new things. Spank us, spoil us. Level us up. Nevertheless, here i am, wishing for the best.


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Really they are all just figments of my imagination. All of them really. I don't know them, I don't own them. Nor should I want to? Are they dreams, or are they more quasi-realities, because they are definitely not realities. Am I in my own way to the real thing. Or is there no real thing. Surely there is. A boy can dream. What am I even saying... All my beautiful dreams, I hope you remain beautiful. And maybe, just maybe, I can wake up to one of you.