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Millionaire Mindset

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Theory Jester Runway

On reading memos to myself: 'Stop trying to plan everything out, it's officially weird.'
'Later' is almost never the better time to choose to do something. If you see an opportunity, even if it is little, it maybe wider than it will be later. I plan out EVERYTHING. Actually, almost, because a lot of the time I am not planning out the things that even matter. I'm just planning the words I will say to someone, the tone in my voice, if I work out this many days a week I may get married by 2025. Haha. But I'm not planning out how to demolish my student loan and cc in the smallest time segment possible. Yet weirdly I feel like I am prioritizing. Ignore me. I'm grateful for all the opportunities that arrive my way and may I grab each of them even when I don't feel so ready. Just get it.


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Just checking into heaven. #ChristianLacroix


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Elmhurst, New York, Christmas Tree

Thank you, 2014