People I admire: Brene Brown

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Sometimes when I have wealths of good things to say about someone, I kind of freeze up in fear that my words won't do him or her justice. This is the case for Brene Brown, forgive me, here goes. 

Incase you have not watched Brene Brown's Netflix documentary on courage and vulnerability do it now. Next, find your self down a wormhole of her interviews on youtube about Self Love, Empathy, And feeling Worthy. 

At this point in my life I struggle on the regular with feeling enough. Oh, I am not enough to actually be good at that, I don't have enough followers, I don't have enough money, these inner parts of me are not enough, and really the list goes on and on. It's very quiet transactions. But they add up big time. Watching her videos literally puts a pause on my world. Puts the spiral of negative thinking a pause. And gives me a sense of direction regarding how I can think of myself in a positive way, and create a world around me that supports my efforts of a satisfied, fulfilled, emboldened, high value life. I would love for my life to be high value! Gosh, I'm so glad the public doesn't actually read these blogger posts. But yes that's what I would like. To be okay. To lend myself to others. To love myself. What a tall order. But I'm on a quest to get there. 

Dos chicos.

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For such a personal platform, I actually talk rather little about my personal life. Maybe it's my desire of somewhat privacy, maybe it's my fair of sharing frivolous or temporal things. But there are people, there are moments in my life that I want to never forget how they made me feel, how they uplifted me, and how they took care of me. 
One night, post Easter Vigil I believe, Danny and I found ourselves in Waverly Diner and we started crying. Because life was good! But we already were crying for the future. And here we are. Stronger, smarter, and more vulnerable than ever. Vulnerable - that's so important. And it's something I struggle with. I have a lot of emotions. Danny really reverenced exercising being vulnerable. And I'm too scared to share the real me. Thank you for challenging me, and for pushing me to shoot higher, not get to comfortable, and feel worthy of good and wonderful things. Congratulations on Columbia! I'm sure we will see each other again in the future. I feel a little bit scared to go at it alone, but I know we both can! May life be good to you friend. May God continue to be good to you.