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"There is hope, There is hope, There is hope, There is hope" -Late Night Alumni

This isn't glam.  I suppose some dreams begin as night mares.
I haven't dreamed in a very long time.

I would like to go to sleep.

Keep spinning that wheel Mahatma

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Gandhi promoted his principles through personal example, spending several hours a day spinning yarn for the production of his own clothes. The national flag of India still includes the spinning wheel in its centre as an acknowledgment of the importance of Gandhi's principles of self-sufficiency to the establishment of the Indian nation. -Fash 110

"I just have one question, are you going to make pancakes?"

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Autumnal Equinox

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My teachers are some cool dudes slash, the Sartorialist comes to SCAD!

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This amazing photograph was taken by Nikita M.
So ya, the Sartorialist totally came to SCAD last weekend, how crazy is that. It was a back to back with April from Project Runway. I know! Insane right? I suppose that's one of the quirks about SCAD is such amazing people fly, or in Scott and Garance's case, ride the pavement. And of course, they show up on my Dashboard all the time. And you know, I didn't ask about how his blog spot became a place of many hits, but he did mention that he started well, for himself. And that's amazing, because then people love what you love because you are so passionate about something. I hope they are doing well, in perhaps London(?) and hopefully they never get to see this picture. -But if they do HI! Thanks for coming!
And I have to say I love getting to see every one at these little lectures slash talks because we all seem so distant from each other now and it makes me really sad! But I cannot stress how much I LOVE SEEING YOU. Perhaps the best part of being Fashion Design is you get to work with such beautiful people all the time, even if it is just the outside. THE OUTSIDE MATTERS. <3 Otherwise, we wouldn't have a job.
But you are all very adorable and I am absolutely honored to go to school with you.
...I'm not really sure if the washing machine is working, random, but I just had to take the mass of my clothes out just to get it spinning again. -And I don't really hear any consistent noise. ...Oh well.
Anyway, so there was a little bit of a stand still in the past because I was devoted to getting my Homework done on time. That's right it wasn't even "Project 1" ;) But I absolutely understand what Marie is doing and I truly appreciate it because the work needs to be difficult, it needs to be the same pace as the future. Otherwise, how would you keep up?
I'm not even going to pretend like I was successful at InDesign
Leading into the irony of constructing 30 pages reflecting fall trends 2011.

Those captures aren't in any order. But I started by trying to identify the girl of 2011. And luckly I wasn't doing it completely on a whim. Color forecasting suggests a nostalgic feeling of 2011. The recession being over, an increase in optimism. And to me a girl that is developing for love. And best of all, doing well, doing okay. So it's okay, and it's turned in now. And I left paper letters and numbers on the kitchen counter last night. It's a nice class, although it's a ton of work. I feel like I should be more optimistic about it sometimes. This is what I want to do (period, question mark, period question mark). We'll see- together I promise. Otherwise I do love my professors a lot and this they are wonderful instructors.

I wish I could see more of you guys... Our schedules, living spaces, everything are so different. It's like I have no friends! ...Not that I had any friends. jaykay kiddo. Slash omgosh(!!) it's so sweet when you guys tell me you read  my posts! It's very flattering because I have really no idea! But you know, anonymous-ity is a good thing I guess. Especially if you wouldn't want me to know.. Or... if you print these out to put next to my picture in your burn book. Okay..weird.
But it's been fun being Savannah residents! And I'm sure the washing machine will end up working.



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If you dress up, it helps your personality to emerge
 ....if you choose well.

Out side of control

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Brighter day buying

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I'm not really sure if this happened anymore, and the entire time with you was totally ironic. But it was an incredible work of fate. 
" I want people to talk to me more than just because of the way I'm dressed and but don't try to dig deeper because that's really frightening to do. "
So the Sartorialist was here today! ..But I will come back to that later. After the lecture I went to the library to start the second part of my Intro to Fashion homework, 30 pages devoted to Fall 2011 trends. Although being in the perfect place to start and finish, whatever reason I wanted to leave and couldn't use the bathroom because that guy totally didn't look like he wanted company, so I looked up the bus route, clapped down the stairs, and although waiting for the Silver, I figured I could walk to O house, catch a red to Arnold and walk home. But stubbornly I waited for the woman who asked where I was going and I said "Forsyth House" and noticed I sat behind a girl with a hat with the cutest, simple but interestingly knotted sash around it. So it was just an approximate 4 or so of us, and when the bulk of the bus got off at Kroger we pull through and I notice the pretty hat girl is asking me if I said I was going to Forsyth and if I wanted to join her to a cafe she was certain I would enjoy. The lady was explaining to the girl with the pretty hat this was Forsyth park and she could get off and get on here, so she pulls over letting her off, and as I walk off bus lady lets me know that she could take me to Forsyth around the corner and that I don't need to get off here. Anyway, learning I was a fashion student like her she quickly tells me how great it is to meet another fashion major. This non gallery expresso cafe local hotspot was so amazing, our chat about fashion, natural remedies, transferring and introducing me to brighter day's organic selections doesn't even touch how striking our meeting was.
Have you ever met someone who has all the answers? Everything you are thinking about, rolling around get asked to you. And dumbfounded you have to respond and notice yourself verbalizing this answers that feel so weird in your mouth because you are not sure of the answer anymore. I left the library because I did the first part of the homework, but the entire time my heart is like, "I have no idea why I am a fashion major". I swear to you all I know such zip it's embarrassing and growing up and indulging in it and meeting people who are so close to it has made me really unsure if this is what I have been wanting to do. It's so close it's scary. And it gets closer and closer because I have developed a destiny for myself of a fashion designer and I'm not sure how much I like it, yet it's right there. So being a mind reader, I get all the questions I don't know the answers to anymore. Ones about the future, what made me choose fashion, all of it, every question that was apart of the homework assignment right there. And so concerned because it was all made up of truths, but shaky ones.
But she is so special.
She reminds me fashion, my destiny are not things to fret about. Things un fold. And if you'd like, can unfold for the better. It was just a date with destiny. Every thought, every philosophy about mine about the universe, elegance she said, and I couldn't have said it better. And mirroring my invitations for tea amongst others, I was invited for tea.
So sometimes God, or goodness, or love or whatever you want to label such unexplainable things happen in the most odd and so frighteningly satisfying you are smiling. She is what I needed. Who I needed to meet. And there are such angel points out there making sure you are going the right way. And I'm so happy that is the way things played out.
It wasn't my stop, but I am so extremely happy I met you, the girl with the pretty hat. Thank you. All my sincerity.


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Thank you for taking me out last night,

I promise I feel so much better!

Save the world

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Once you talk about it, if becomes totally real. -And that's my fear. Reality. If you push or prod your mental too lightly, won't it hurt later? Nothing has told me it isn't fair, but you sense things and those feelings are what keep all of your locks further and further in your chest. I'm so stubborn. I'm not talking about an ending. I'm talking about a beginning. It's just as bad. Why? Well the beginning is always the part where you look back and wonder why you were so stupid, and hope you will be a much smarter, cautious person in the future. And then of course sun shine comes around and you are like "crap". This makes no sense! I'm so sorry. But I wonder if it is okay to think this way. Trading lives. And I know all the movies and love stories out there tell you to break those walls. We'll...they are movies and stories. We could sit here together. But I'm just writing because I'm ALWAYS going to think about it, and how we don't know each other, and how stupid it would be to push the world in a position to change that. So silly.
It's a courage thing. ...It's also a pride thing. I wish I didn't have so much homework. I wish everything were a little bit easier. Then there would be no need to save the world.

Inspiration Post #4

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En devour, keep your photographs, and live for me. For beautiful eyes, see beautiful things. Enjoy the landscape and so importantly, enjoy the ball.