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Day dream.

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'"But this is not true- that Balenciaga is in New York - since he does not travel at all." She took my hand and we crossed the salon to find Balenciaga sitting by himself, wearing dark glasses. I was so shocked and yet so happy finally to meet him. It was very emotional for me, and we talked for hours. He was very complimentary, saying nice things such as, "You know Mr. Givenchy, I admire your talent. I have seen a few things you have designed." He was so charming to me. He described some of the clothes that I had designed in the last collection. We made a date for lunch the next day in New York, at L'Aiglon, which was a famous restaurant at that time. From then on we became life long friends.' -Hubert de Givenchy


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I got to see my dear, dear friend Sam again. Talking with her is always unreal. She's a person who really builds you up, someone I am really blessed to know. Our flight for Monday night was cancelled in anticipation of the snow. What a surprise  I was walking to the hotel, feet in the snow and burst out laughing! What a big dream. See you later New York.


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Closing my eyes. Thinking of cookies.

Good things:
-Getting groceries.
-Turning up the electric heat, and maxing out the blankets.
-Mieko and Serena's cake.
-Laughing a lot.
-Zumba twice in one week

Divine Intervention

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I admit I spend a lot of time pondering (hardcore debating) if my collection goes together or not. One of the things brought up during a previous critique was it looks like I may be designing for two different women. So thinking on these things, I was walking back to Poetter through the park and noticed the fountain. And then I look closely at the color of the water and the sky in the water and the white of the fountain. The same colors in my collection. Then I look at the fountain sculpture, the same blooming/budding effect I've built into the pieces. And lastly I see the bird, elegance. -All the elements of my collection staring back at me, in absolute harmony. It was all just ..an unreal moment.