Like a Dream

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Happy Fashion Week, An Le

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An I am so, so happy for you. I can't get over how big your dreams are and how gigantic you have created your reality. It's an incredible honor to being inspired by you in school and now seeing you in the real world with grownups, ever so seductive complacency, and Mondays where we are all already looking toward Friday, shining so brightly. This sight really brings me to life. Thank you.
Stay well supernova. We're all applauding.

An Le showcased his short motion piece for Fusion Models: FUSION at the DL February 7th.

New Year, New Cards

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 Happy New Year friends. It is good to have another opportunity to start fresh. Year of the horse!
Totally not sponsored, but I have just received these gorgeous business cards from My mouth was open a little bit. These "Luxe" cards are about double the thickness than a regular business card and are smooth and matte to the touch. Here's little unpack aging photojournalism. Maybe you will take a snoop around if you are shopping around for your own. I used indesign and moo's pdf card template, and a little SCAD power for these. Check them out and find out how to make your own at:  MOO's Website