June 30

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Happy birthday, Usagi.

On pride, on life, onward

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If anything it's true, it's that I am learning. I am learning at work, and then I am learning different things outside of work. And then-- different geographical locations teach you other things too. Savannah may teach you to say hello to everyone you pass on the street and Milan may introduce you to a mozarella burger sans the burger. But I think the greatest thing I am learning about is myself, how I identify myself in the world I live in, and the role I should play in this world. There are things I value as true, and others I value as a mystery.

I wish mysteries could all be solved. But perhaps the fact cannot be solved for life times is completely intentional. It causes more questions, new theories, and in turn, creates opinions, division, and confusion, and maybe one day, tolerance, respect, and balance. It's very natural when you think of it. Land is created from volcanoes. Stars are created from explosions. Gratitude is created from escape of what was once not good. All this to say, opinions and divisions must happen in the natural course of things.

I wish people that I admire, respect, and care about, like my family, friends, mentors could all agree on things, but there are places where they conflict. And then that's where you come in. What do you believe to be the truths?

1. Peace cannot be faked. You aren't peaceful because you say you are peaceful. Peace finds you. Or---you can be found in a state of peace. This is a feeling that is true and cannot be faked. I will say, just because you say with words you are peaceful doesn't mean you've actually reached it. I do think, however you can recognize it in your heart when it is genuine. I think it is something much higher than description, another mystery.  I think this feeling comes to us as an affirmation. It says "this is the/a truth". It is like God talking to us.

2. Things that mattered yesterday may no longer matter tomorrow, and even farther down the line it may begin to sound like fantasy. My example here is Black Americans being unable to integrate equally with White Americans. --Like today it is so beyond normal for a train to be packed with people of every racial background. My second example is Vikings and Beowulf. Not the actual story, but can you imagine that such a lifestyle existed, it seems like complete fiction. Yes, surely we do a lot of exaggerating, but we accept that such a history existed. So this point is, we are constantly evolving, or "moving forward" and how we were in the past becomes more of just a story, a notion, every day ahead.

3. The world is an incredible place. Look at how all of these living beings move without having anything attached to them. Think about how we think so complexly we can create artificial intelligence to help us map out where we are, video in real time, and research all from the palm of our hand. Then think about our emotions, our attractions. This list can go on forever. The point of this one is there is a never ending amount of discovery about ourselves and the world we live in that we may never even get to learn all about. Other mysteries.

I don't know why I was made the way I was. But I embrace it as a truth. Why? Because it gives me peace. If I ignore it, or cover it up, I do not have peace. Instead I have shame, low self value, and in turn leading to poor quality of life. (Always remember we must be HIGH value individuals) I have gratitude for this peace. I think having to feel this way is an issue today, but in the past, yes distant from now, kids might be born and not be ashamed of who they are inside and out.I pray one day we have a generation of individuals that believe they carry value regardless of how the entered the world and they are all loved.
And lastly, "the world is an incredible place". I don't understand myself a lot. What I do understand is that I am learning and I seek out instances to learn more. It's the best way to interact with mysteries I believe. They aren't just there to remain unsolvable. But it is so incredible what a complex creature I am, and my neighbor is, and my friends are. And we must be open to learn from each other.

It's sad when I hear opposing views. But today I am proud to exist, I am proud to be learning, and I am proud to find my value the way I am today and look forward to being a better version of myself in the future. I am happy to live in a time of exploring mysteries and not shying away from them. Today we value the concept of commitment. We value it because we believe it is so precious, so sacred, we fight over who can have it. There will be more division ahead, but without division, new land wouldn't form, new stars wouldn't shine, and new respects for each other wouldn't have the chance to appear.


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"Then said Almitra, 'Speak to us of Love.' 
And he raised his head and looked upon the people, and there fell a stillness upon them."

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方大同 - 三人遊

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Incredibly intelligent creation after incredibly intelligent creation. So much language is coming from the clothes. Gives me so much air.

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Welcome Back, Verano

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 Warm once again.

Actually, you're all we've been waiting for. Super long days. --Nights where you can stay awake forever. A time where the world really seems a live again after a really long winter. Thank you for all the good times you have given us in the past and all the ones we can look forward to. We are counting on you. Back to extra SPF.

Inspiration Book no. 28

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'I’ve crossed these sands many times, said one of the camel drivers one night. But the desert is so huge, and the horizon so distant, that they make a person feel small, and as if he should remain silent. The boy intuitively knew what he meant, even without having ever set foot in the desert before. Whenever he saw the sea, or a fire, he fell silent, impressed by their elemental force.'

* The change in enthalpy is related to a change in internal energy ( ) and a change in the volume ( ), which is multiplied by the constant pressure of the system