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A few things I'm really into this month, that I wasn't as into last month. #shrugemoji #wherehaveibeen

1. Lightroom
Oh my gosh, my eyes have been opened. But there is so much to learn about. I spend hours watching YouTube tutorials so I could at least get somewhat accustomed. I think it really is the secret to your Instagrams visual theme.

2. Soil
I couldn't believe when I was standing in home depot and paying $30 for 3 different types of soil so my babies could be nurtured. My alocasia plant started browning out of no where, so after some research (YouTube) I discovered that it really must sit in half potting mix, half cactus mix. And when I was finally transpotting it, the soil it was in was basically dust. No wonder she was dying! Poor thing. We are recuperating. Sometimes she stays in the bedroom with me.

3. Spic-n-Span antibacterial cleaner.
What's better than spraying the bac off all of your surfaces. And its mild enough that I don't have any breathing reactions.

4. Microsoft Office Trial.
I must remember to unsubscribe! But I had to give in and download.

5. So many youtubers but most especially Tyler Stalman and Peter McKinnon.


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I'm studying. And while there's something good about #neverstoplearning, I can't help but feel so nervous! It of course must be a little unnerving when something so delicate could be in between you and your life changing again. - hopefully for the better!
But I have to remind myself to calm down - that I am being proactive - and hey, i do actually like my life as it is...but also I'm not the type to back down from a challenge. Let's do this!!