Brain freeze

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Don't think any more.
Don't think any more.
Don't think any more.
Don't think any more.

The Great Indian Gatsby

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Don't think

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A lot of things don't really hit me until I go home. Including, how hungry I really am..

Watching the sky

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She was telling me how the moon is in a different position than it's ever been in before, and somehow everything is now being thrown off kilter. Now, when weird things are happening, it's all because of the luna. Now, that's one way to look at it...

Material Boy

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I need a new

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Caught a little..

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off guard.

October Resolutions

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Decrease instances of saying, "kind of", "I think" or other words of uncertainty. Your beliefs are in fact valid.


Defend / Let go.


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It was my turn to walk up to the register to pay for the urban gourmet lemonade. The lady asks how I am, I ask how she is, she rings up the fountain drink, but before I swipe, she turns around picks up a package of crackers as if to see the price, and before I say anything, she charges it, discounts it and pushes it towards me saying "take this, I can read minds." And I'm watching the whole transaction so gratefully. Not so much for the crackers, but really how genuinely surprised I was. She asked if I wasn't going to take the peanut butter. "It's on Mr. Parker's."
So sweet. Really. So sweet.

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I want the collection to be all the things that I love.

What could be stronger than that...