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 I have a pretty great life actually. So many reasons to be grateful. I am going through the photos on my computer and from work layovers, to hanging out with friends.. I think I got a pretty generous helping of good in my life. And days like this, I will love forever. 


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 Tonight is the last night being 29. Really, it's the last night of my twenties all together. And how do I feel. Well I feel like there are so many new challenges on the horizon. Real challenges. Twenty was the year of dreams - going after my dreams. And, I wouldn't change it for the world. It's really paid off. Most of the time I don't publish these kinds of posts any more. But for all times sake, why not. I really just want to provide and support my family to be in a better place, to connect with and be aware of myself to perform better and overall, to be more at peace. These have become my goals. That I can do most things with some ounce of grace going forward. Thank you for the brilliant twenties. I've had so much fun, staying up, making dresses, dancing the night away, and I'm ready to continue doing such things, but a vast array of things I've never thought I would be doing. I think that's the exciting part really, I have no idea what's ahead - who's ahead. Scary! But so exciting. And somewhat... encouraging. Dearest future Michael, you are 30 now. Or was rather :) We are eagerly awaiting the best life we can make.