Christmas Sorrel!

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We're bringing you holiday cheer xox

Sounding Joy

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WHAT a whirlwind this month has been! And for that I am so grateful! I've started a true gratitude post a few times but every time I start and stop and think, but what else...and have to head out the door. But cool is that.
This has officially been a year of reunions. Especially....a year of reunion with myself. Sometimes if you forget who you are, you can find it in your friends. And let me tell you, I most definitely remember who I am these days. It's so so good to see you all and hope to keep seeing you in all the years ahead.
All the joy in the world for this holiday season beyond.
I believe this is the anniversary of Distrito Paparacchi!
I so clearly remember the very first time I logged on, sitting on the green velvet couch, winter break, inside from the snow. Wow, has life ever changed. Now I'm in bed :)
Will catch soon! love you guys xx

Queens Eats

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Major eats in my neighborhood, Elmhurst, Queens!

Every time

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Every single time.