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The thinking continues

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Sometimes when things are going tough, you still have a good feeling inside.
As though- one day all of this is going to be worth it. All the hard work and unhappiness will be melted by future days.
Should these days be as happy too? Do we really have to be unhappy to reach our goals. What other way is there?
I'm not so sure I have that good feeling inside. I used to want the path to be as difficult as possible and work harder than reasonable.
Maybe all those cells in my body have already turned over. Now I'm left with someone else. Someone with different aspirations?


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"Go after your dreams."
Dreams. Dreams. Dreams.
What are my dreams, ...right now?
Are they still clear? Maybe I'm just sleeping.
Doze. Doze. Doze.

A History of Far Eastern Art

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The Four Noble truths: First Sermon at Deer Garden in Sarnath
1. All life is suffering. Life is permeated with suffering and dissatisfaction.
2. The cause of suffering is attachment. The origin of suffering lies in craving or grasping (burning thirst for the things of this world, for the survival in this world and the next, etc).
3. To end the suffering attachments must be severed / the cessation of suffering is possible through the removal of craving.
4. The means to achieve non-attachment is by following the Eight-fold Path.

The Eight-fold Path: Illustration of the ethical and ritual dimensions of Buddhism
1,2: Right Views and right Aspiration - Preliminary attitudes of aspirant, right views about reality, in accordance with the Buddha's teaching

3,4,5: Right Speech, Right Conduct, and Right Livelihood - the social and moral requirements for the Buddhist

6,7,8: Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, Right Contemplation - Central to Buddhist pragmatic ritual, culminating in contemplation as a spiritual exercise.

Truth of the Universe / Fact of Life #0001

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We want to love.


I'm not entirely surprised this happened

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Di(eu) Or

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I am presently so in love with Christian Dior, my heart is beaming.

"In fact, his love of flowers was "too great." Once he became a fashion designer, Dior wanted them everywhere. He envisaged floral dream maidens who would populate the world, and he gave his designs evocative names. Each of his dresses embodied the grace of a rose: gentle shoulders, blossoming bust, stem-like waist and corolla-wide skirt. ..Between 1947 and 1957, over fifty designs were given names of roses. The rose, the most beautiful of flowers, ruled Dior's world."

----It sounds like we could have been great friends.

Feels so good

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To be back on the planet. haha..and posting pictures of myself.
It is very good to be alive today.
I was honestly thinking in the shower how really I have no idea if I will wake up today.
Waking up really is a gift.
There will be time for other ones.
Have a good journey today guys!
New day, new skin cells.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi

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Inspiration Book #19

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Erwin Blumenfeld for Vogue

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Vogue, 1950, Fashion, Flowers

Vogue 1950 Cover, Vintage, Fashion, Anna Wintour
Vogue 1950, Women, Fashion, WWD,

Vogue 1950, Women, Fashion, WWD,

Vogue 1950, Women, Fashion, WWD,

Vogue 1950, Women, Fashion, WWD,
Vogue 1950, Women, Fashion, WWD, Colorful Hats,

Vogue 1950, Women, Fashion, WWD, Girl With Pearl Earring, Vintage

Edward Steichen

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It's a good time to walk

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It's really awful to fail sometimes.

Onward soldier.