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soo happy to see you :))
everything will work out Karen! let's keep our heads up

My dear friends

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Photograph by the frighteningly talented Toni Smailagic 
Makeup by Youtube Guru HelloCathee
Talent: S.S.J

See you soon friends

VOGUE Wonderland December, Genie is Kwon Ji Yong

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 Photographed by: Hong Jang Hyeon

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Oatmeal DIY

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Here's a super easy way to moisturize and heal your beautiful skin. Knowing me, I'm willing to try any thing to fix my face, and I must say there is a definite glow that never fails to appear after this easy face wash.

Simply dampen a small handful of oatmeal (you can use a lot less than what I have here in the bowl) with water and then press the oatmeal with your free fingers. Oatmeal milk will start to form but don't let that run down the sink. You want to get that goodness on your face, so I usually empty it over into a plastic dish and then pour it back into my hands and onto my face. Get the oatmeal into a nice mash. After applying the oatmeal water onto your face, go right ahead and apply the oatmeal.
Let it sit for about 10 minutes if you have the time. Otherwise go right ahead and wash it off it you need to. (trust me, sometimes I'm running to class this way). I can't take credit for coming up for this idea. I'm stealing the tutorial from Bubzbeauty. You can also find similar tutorials just like this one online.
The oatmeal is particularly effective because it pulls excessive oils off of your face. It is especially anti-flammatory (relives itchy skin). That's why Arthur and DW took oatmeal baths when they had the chicken pox. I really believe there is an importance in taking care of yourself and taking care of your skin. Confidence is so important in every field and looking your best can help boost such.

once time is up and you are ready to rinse and pat dry, your skin is bright and happy. Cheers you guys. As always I wish good health.

Check out this amazing, amazing oil painting Rachel has left me with as a summer companion. He's been hanging out in my room. She's so talented :S hehe. I love vinnie!
Watch Bubz's Video Tutorial here!


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I don't particularly remember what I was going to write about. But I am so glad I ate dinner. I feel so much more full after time is taken out to take care of yourself. That and I wasn't running on chips and power ade. I am going to go to sleep in a bit - call it quits. I'm not strong like I used to be. But there is only a little bit more school left. I didn't go to Acess today. I'm not doing very well in it. I've finally hit the block, the stopping point and I'm ready to go home. Weird how saying out loud you haven't seen your family since Christmas makes a sudden realization. Things will be okay won't they be? I mean, life is meant to work out. -isn't it? I once was very optimistic. Let's be that way right now. I'm letting go. Ungripping control.

There exists a will.

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Surely a way exists as well.

Studio Friday

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Thursday Pants

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It feels good to sit down and write down everything you have to do. Maybe even just as good as it is to have Quakenbush tell you you've got a little booty. Haha.

We are currently making some pantalones in Apparel. Let's see how it turns out. The to-do list is looking a little heaftier than the done list. :S Pray for me. I hope you are loving the bathroom footage.


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This time Mr. Doyle I'm ready to follow my heart. often do we really do that. -Absent of motives to impress, or to boast. But to do something, to go somewhere, to orient yourself towards where your heart/spirit/soul needs to go. So let's go. Let's go.


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The moon and I

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moving together.

Introduction to Accessories

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I feel as though I may have allowed this accessories class to become a mistake. -That or my downfall. A trip on a shoe lace kind of thing. -And knowing me, I'm just one to tuck it into my shoes and pretend it wasn't there.

Influential Person #13: Alexander Wang

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There's so many things I'd like to ask you.

I don't ever regret admitting our styles were different. Haha I just wanted to expand my aesthetic, and what I thought of and what I found inspiring and I know you're just the man I want to go to.  I do admire you. Maybe someday --->

source| amongtheseclouds

You're invited.

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An answer--
--would be wonderful.

ph| milesbowers

Just right out the solar system.

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just. right. there.

August Resolutions

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1. Radical Acceptance

If there were 15 Michael Edwards-es

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Then after the chopping block, after the tyrannosaurus beast gobbles you down and spits you out: sometimes there's an odd moment where you and your one self ask: "What am I to do now?" Where do you start? Where do we start...
If there existed 15 Michael Edwards
I'd send one to Wallin to clean the flats,
one to pick up the markers and take them to the drawing room to render,
one to spray paint the port book and embellish it,
one to go to the bank,
another to package and deliver parcels to the post office in direction to Home and Jamie,
another Michael could make lunch,
while another one takes a shower for all of us,
one definitely in Eckburg drafting collars,
one to pin the petals onto the collection dresses,
someone running to kroger to pick up scotch tape. 
one telephoning Joanns to order one less yard of fabric.
one to tighten my breaks,
while another sorts laundry.
someone who's in 24/7 beast mode.
and maybe one who's willing to take a nap for us.