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A new wish

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Mod Stat

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I was going through my flash drive and came across a folder in Inspiration, "Muses" and what do I find other some beautiful familiar faces. Erinn I'm sure you hate me. They look pretty good though. :)

Someday, Someday

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Imagine looking out...and seeing this.


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It's possible I've experienced almost every kind of emotion these past ten weeks. -Or at least a great big sample platter of things a heart can offer. It's weird to watch yourself. From comfortable, to nervous, to even hopeful again. How strange it is when your mind starts to wander.... It seems similar to watching a lava lamp make all those different shapes, and sometimes those shapes hit each other or squeeze around. It's flexible, and organic?  like us. We'll keep changing and keep feeling. Never regret feeling. It's good to know you're alive.

Besos de Moza

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The depth of life

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Pending present

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By now, it's starting to get to the point where I am trying to gauge how I can realistically measure the rest of the week and my own ability. But before I do much else, I must say once again congratulations. Sure you're not done everything. But you and I are still right here, right now, and even if you don't finish it's okay and you are and will be a good person. It's all going to be alright. Don't give up yet. Feel better. It's alright.

My dear Mr Sato,

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Last class, Doris was really excited about something she had to show us. Apparently once there was an armhole she just couldn't wrap her mind around its construction and eventually had to take it apart to find out how it was made. So she pulls up youtube and what does she show..a TR video, and she explains how there is flat pattern, traditional draping, but this is another way. And really I felt I got a little emotional. I know, I am such a mess. Really, it warmed me so much. Your hands were working on the big screen in 208 Eckburg. I miss it all so much. So, so much.

Smiling at your smile

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