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Every now and then, you wake up from one of those super restorative naps - where your legs are kinda wet from sweat, your nose is a lot less stuffed, your head is light, cheeks soft and taught, and your feeling: okay. Not rushed, not "looking forward to the future". But okay-in-this-moment. Restorative I tell you. Kinda like I was trudging through and didn't even know it.
A warm - scratch that - hot bath, with green tea, and pink salt is on the agenda. Again, restorative. *sips on seltzer*
*thinks about a manuka honey mask*
*slips into blogspot solace*
How are you Michael? I am okay! Sure in this moment I am okay. But, truly I am all around okay. Sure there's lots of times where I think I could be better, if I had this, this, and this. But you're okay without those things too. You're enough just the way your are sweetheart.
xo Little old me.