Happy Birthday, Bright Diamond.

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Good things, cnt:
-Seeing Elizabeth and our friends again.
-Getting in some salsa on thursday.
-Hanging out with John and the choice awards.
-Tacos Locos with Karen
-Draping wings
-Acknowledgement / reminiscing

Welcome to SCAD

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SCAD Day Feb 2009
SCAD Day Feb 2013

I've really met the most unbelievable people. And I feel so, so..grateful.
The million dollar question has become, "have you figured out what you are going to do afterwards?"
And honestly I do have a few ideas, one's that I'm not always sure I should recite out loud. So when I met Andrew and he told me that he works in Saudi Arabia, and previous to that Japan and Korea,  couldn't help but ask so many questions because that's exactly what I want to do. I want to see myself change and shift with a new wider scope of the world. But here in the present. It's pretty good too. I'm dying, but living too.

Saint Laurent (Paris)

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"Luxury is above all an attitude of the heart. I never considered it as something that revolves around money, jewels, or furs; it's mostly a respect for others that makes someone luxurious in their gestures, in their attitudes. Luxury is something interior which is translated in external terms. The biggest luxury in life is to love others and to understand them, whatever level they may be on." 1978

Make it work

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There was a senior working on a thesis. It was a yearlong course, and she wanted to start over in early March, and the project was due in May. And I said, “You put all this work into this, there’s no reason this can’t evolve.” If you just abandon something, and then start from scratch, and it happens to work out, fantastic. But what if it doesn’t? It’s much more likely that you’re going to have a struggle. Life is really about making it work. How do you take the existing conditions and make a success out of them?