I'm really glad there are 31 days in July.

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It is like a life jacket kind of. "Summer please don't go". I frantically woke up to scroll open my phone to find the date. Pure bliss. Checked quite a few things off the list today. Wouldn't want them to run into next month. I do have a little bit of good news at work. I would like to make one last push at the one I really want. I was racking my brain last week as to where the journey lapsed, but honestly I was just standing in the kitchen thinking about all the wonderful friends I had made and all the good times I have been having lately and how none of that would be made possible without the "lapse" that happened somewhere in my career. Let's look forward to traveling back up.


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You know when you first light a flame, you have to nurture it and protect it from the wind. And sometimes it soon goes out, but you just have to strike another match.

Quince — kind of

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Shining Armour

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Thank you, Tomin-la. : )

Gansevoort Park

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Thank you everyone for such a fun night out. So good to be together again.

To a dear friend

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Happy Birthday my darling boy. I believe a theme for the year is: Quality. Cultivate quality friendships, quality work habits, and ultimately become a more high quality you. I know you can.


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post thunder

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So awake...I'm not sure what's going on. 2:50
Just a few more hours to go before it's time to get ready.
All of me wants to be ready.
Wash away all that should be washed away.
Give new seeds a chance to sprout.