Emotions seem

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You can be the one I want
And you can be the one I love.
This could be our world wide open.
You can be the one I want


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I was seriously thinking yesterday

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That I truly do take a lot of stuff for granted. Like - my computer. It's seriously falling apart. And I don't mean like spyware, adware, and viruses, I mean it is physically falling apart. It's kind of embarrassing. I couldn't dare tell my mom. Haha. So what's wrong? So there is obviously a bar between the keyboard and the lcd screen that helps the screen move, well I can't move it right now because the bar is cracked and moving it only makes the crack larger and the trim around the screen has popped and when I snap anything back in place it is the most temporary fix. All of this is to say I really must be some kid to neglect my things like this. That's the whole reason my other camera got smashed. I don't take care of anything and yet I still want things. How silly. I seriously only seem to take care of things when they're new and then something else appears. I guess this is normal? but I'm not necessarily okay with it. I should not be thinking about a new computer! I'm seriously going to have to tape it together. At least the "change your battery" sign doesn't come up anymore. Disaster. Anyway, thanks for reading about me ramble about my computer problems.
On a completely different note, putting beans on your face is probably the best thing you can do if you want to clear your skin. I know it sounds weird! but it will work every single time. In the mean time, I await a phone call from F street, and have punished (rewarded?) myself for getting more sleep than I need by writing scholarship essays and entering sweepstakes. I'm not kidding. Sweepstakes! I didn't go shopping that other day. Isn't tom called Cyber Monday or something? Get those savings kiddies. In the mean time, I'm going to look up what foreclosure means because goodness knows I don't know. Just the part about not paying your mortgage and giving your property up to the bank? I don't know if that's really what it's about? Omgosh so sorry again for listening. RAMBLE. RAMBLE. RAMBLE. <3

Inspiration Post #6

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I hope to one day live a genuine life.
I'm so pretend. Sometimes fantasy's not enough. Dreams aren't enough. There is always reality waiting.
And that's just you.
-You and your make believe life.
I almost don't want dreamers to wake up because you must live stronger, act stronger and I awkwardly say "love" stronger.

I need courage.

May you find brilliance as well as a way to and back from Never land.
Best of Luck.

This could seriously be an inspiration post all by itself.

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There are a lot of Koreans I want to be, Ajoo, Bi Rain, that guy from CNBlue that's already married. But as of now.. sigh KIM JAE-WOOK FOREVER.
This is slightly embarrassing so let's go straight to the post no?
 Then again, it's probably the best thing ever that I'm not him. Beautiful. If only you understood...

Wakeup. Wakeup. Wakeup.

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The last time I was home..

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for winter break felt as though I had literally been in school for 2 weeks. This time I feel like I had been gone for 2 years. I'd been beat. However, despite my intention of doctoring up like a hermit for a week, I went downtown today to the favorite places looking for a job. And like the facebook status I almost died on that Zara/HM/Forever21/Banana Republic/Filene's strip. Mercy. There's one thing I've noticed about these every so often rendezvous is that I can't help but wonder WHY I am voluntarily returning to Savannah Ga.

You know those relationships where people move backwards? Lol it's like I'm going backwards a little in time and overall progress. sigh. I love you Savannah, however, let's wait until retirement. ...Don't storm me down. You have no idea how far the senses jump when I'm the shops. ..I didn't buy anything. Just looked around. But it was okay! I looooove Winter H&M. During the summer it can get a little tacky. But oh my gosh do they pull out the wonderful things when it gets cold. Including the Spiderman tighties. Oh my gosh x 3. Funny because I'm always like "I'mnotintofashion-I'mnotintofashion" but these hotspots can refuel a soul. Savannah bring in the inspiration. I cannot shop at Blue Bell. lol..
Yes Yes Lavin Lavin, but apart from that they are selling the hottest pants evar right now. I can't find a picture, but they are like these leather "tights" with the zippers and everything for dudes. But they are totally legitimate. Actually they are in this pic:
See them? Def Hawt. I've missed you so much. haha. Pathetic! What else are they selling? well all the beauty is not on the website, but there are a lot of denim-esque and crocodile bags, and newsboy caps, and shoes with gold embroidery, and in terms of clothes, oversized sweaters with a hint of fem, blazers, and the never ending military style. Love love love I want your love.
To make up for all the store roaming (..I was looking for a job seriously I promise) I walked into the National Portrait Gallery because it was still open. ...What an art student. Slash partially because Inez Koberg is my inspiration after her goal of going to a different museum like everyday all summer long. You never really realize you don't have to pay until you go to the Telfair and whip out the bills. Now it's like "free museum, what?what?!" lol..sorry
So I saw a lot of things, and even took notes because I wasn't sure if you were even allowed to take pictures, so here are a few sights:
And then after visiting the bathroom with pee already in the toilet (whats the point of automatic flush if the automatic nor manual is working..but whatev ((I've gotten really cynical...))). I braved up and asked if I was allowed to take pictures. I didn't want them to think I was reaching around for my gun or anything (KIDDING) but seriously they didn't even check my bags. Guns aren't even a big fashion accessory. Although I could totally see a Chanel wrapped handy. omgosh. Anyway,
There were was a certain exhibition going on on the 3rd floor, well, two actually. I went to the one called Champs, I think. Which included work by Andy Warhol, and portraits of not just Marylin and Michael, but of Mikhail the Russian(?) dancer and the girl from the breakfast club, 16 candles, I'll remember her name in a bit.
There was so much to see, but my clothes started getting a little tight and had to end up going downstairs. lol! I swear it's painful being dressed. haha but I shall go back. As I shall Bed Bath and Beyond. Ilovethatstore.......sigh. 
 So I walked in and walked out with this: the Miracle Gel. I left the one I had in sav and I couldn't bear to have a repeat of last break and only have conditioner in my hair. ..I don't even think you're supposed to do that, but I promise it makes your hair amazing, and conditioned. But this my friends is the power product. and It only costed 1.79, thank you sale. It was clearly meant to be. Although I don't mind the natural look it helps your hair achieve that um, well, eh, more Caucasian quality. We have already been over my wanting to be "white" complex. Anyway, this is the man for you. The whole idea is, sometimes your hair looks especially good, slash sexy, when in and right out of the shower. So why not keep it that way all day? It works a lot better with shorter hair, and doing it in sections to let it dry evenly. Maybe a tutorial? There were air purifiers by the door. I might end up coming back friday morning...nothing like clean air.
And since I had walked to Chinatown, I went in and got a few things for my face, including dinner:
Pimple Solution Tea. There is a tea for everything. I may get the one for teeth next. Anyway I was so tired coming home, so I went to sleep, for 3 hours. I swear my sleep cycle is so off I'm embarrassed. I've trained myself to not go to bed for very long. Anyway, I must say ciao, I'm posting this the day after in case it says Wednesday. love, and there will be an inspiration post soon.


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I wasn't so sure what to expect.
I'll need your help, I'll need your angels.
I need your arms.

I really really just wanted to say "hi"

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 I have so many stories and tales to tell you

I'm in the most incredible state of disbelief, and hopefully someday I'll be able to move my lips and say it all, for the mean time. I've wanted to write so badly and have so many things to say. Strange how our lives just move forward. It's even more amazing how many lives I have had during this quarter. I've died and come back to life so many times.