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 It wouldn't be truthful if I said I wasn't disappointed that we didn't get the apartment. I was really looking forward to it. Where the dining table should go... the couches.. the tv. How we would divide the room. Cooking for my trips. Truthfully I can kinda almost feel my mom wishing it would fall through. I know she loves me. But I feel she doesn't love "me".  And so that is my life and I must keep on living. I have great friends, a great partner, wonderful support all around. We can push through this let down. I wanted to be sure to make a gratitude list before heading to bed tonight. I feel I could really use one. I have big dreams you know. Maybe a little smaller than they used to be. But right now, they feel big. But i've got to be humble. I've got to know that I have a lot. 

-Got a beautiful haircut at an awesome barber shop in greenspoint, I was looking for hours for places I could go and I feel like the haircut went above and beyond my expectations.

-I get to work with my friend Andres tomorrow

-I had an amazing V day with Trevor. I got to experience the top of the Empire State building and I must say it was much nicer than I imagined. Glad he feels on top of the world.

-Got a great leg day workout in at PF.

-My room and the apt is pretty clean.

-Im all packed and ready to go for tomorrow

-Pizza for lunch

-I have enough finances to get by for the week

-I'm sleepy and I'm in my bed. x