Hold on June, June

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... I don't know if I'm ready for you to go. :(

James Denim!

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I have such a love for this incredible artist's work. He dabbles in graphite, acrylics, digital media, etc, etc and has such a creative and unusual mind. James Jean is typically associated with being a cover artist of a comic book series called "Fables". And I would suppose that I find it so enchanting because of his little fairy tale forest animals and wacky themes. Perhaps I didn't say that correctly. Check him out for yourself!


"Shoe makers"



(This one kind of reminds me of a "clow card" ..ha nerd reference)

He does have works that are a little more realistic, like blatant comparison going on in the little boys room. (see "Flush")
And what makes this guy extra special is his collaboration with Prada in 2007. He created some designs incorporated in purses and shoes and bags, photo theme. and you have to have to see his Prada ad! so crazy, so wonderful

A fashionable collaboration

What nice words.

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(ə-plŏm', ə-plŭm')

Main Entry: aplomb 1
Part of Speech: n
Definition: great self-confidence; self-assuredness
Etymology: Middle French a plomb 'according to the plummet'

deb·o·nair [deb-uh-nair]

1. courteous, gracious, and having a sophisticated charm: a


2. jaunty; carefree; sprightly

1. urbane, suave, elegant, polished.

I guess I could talk about soccer.

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Scratch that. Cheer up usa!

Note 7/11/10: Congratulations España!! Divino!
...believe it or not (...I'm sure you don't believe) I did keep a little up with the world cup. Despite me HAVING TO HEAR about it for whatever reason I really enjoy world sports events! The entire world is cheering. Competition and comradery uniting. Felicidades again. I've had a friend who has and does pretty much travel the world, so I asked him where he liked the best and he said Spain. And I have always wanted to go ever since. Maybe we will meet some day!
...yes I am holding the ball in this pic. Geez.. I'm not that talented!

Feld Homme

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“I weep for Narcissus, but I never noticed that Narcissus was beautiful. I weep because, each time he knelt beside my banks, I could see, in the depths of his eyes, my own beauty reflected.”
“What a lovely story,” the Alchemist thought.


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So cool!


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I think my phone got a facial.


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I just finished writing the crappiest paper ever.
I don't even know what it says.

#over it.

Anna and I.

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Thank you Anna. You are ador!


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Check her out. Pixel Shaker Blog

stay inspired. en devour.

Training Wheels.

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I guess it's better late than never to do a real post.
I will update you more as I do have more topics in mind!
I just thought I would write because I signed in and AM NOT doing what I should be doing at 12:50 in the morning. My english Midterm is tomorrow! I am not really positive I can say that I studied. I don't know what I am going to do. I did not write the paper this weekend. Nor did I do the discussions or test for business. I do not know what is wrong with me. I can't say that I have not had the time. I've been spending my days with beans or eggs on my face. I have to update you on those endeavors as well. I'm wishing good luck to Jacquelyn on school tomorrow and everyone else back in sav or at home at the computer. You'll be fin school enough ;) Everyone have a wonderful rest of the day. It is monday. I didn't die in the car on the way to Safeway! other things happened, including numerous bad looks, but I'm not nearly as scared in the Dodge. I'll try to make use of the rest of the night. Sweet dreams.


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help me be a good man.

Oh My Gosh Everybody, Omgosh!!!

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I do wish I were a white boy some times.

Facebook for my baby?

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Oh Phone, Oh Phone wherever you are...

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I was looking for you phoney.
and calling you over and over again.
and I'm sad, but maybe you were sad the whole time.
I drop you a lot
and put you next to my keys in my bag sometimes
I eat and touch your buttons
I dial numbers and do not ever say thank you.
and you always tell me what time it is.
It would be nice if you would come back to me phoney.
We need to make the best of the contract.


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It's seriously been like Forks outside here lately. I'm just waiting to get bit. EN 190 went ok. I really do love Literature and all the poems, plays and short stories that make it up. The kids in my class are pretty cool. Community college is actually a good experience especially since there are so many stigma's associated with it and quite quickly those walls are beginning to be broken down. It's a blessing to have a place to go where you can take fairly challenging classes for a much more reasonable price. It's a way out of this place--it's the only way I know. To be honest, sitting outside the arts I feel strangely more confident. I suppose it makes some sense. I have certainly produced a lot more papers than I have pencil drawings in my name. It is just more direct, concrete and certain. But all this makes school in sav a challenge I am willing to undertake. It is a learning experience after all, and if I have done anything at Scad it's learn. It has been all so new to me. And I am so happy to be continuing in a medium I love so much, fabric. I look for you everyday Fashion 110. I look for you. I'll keep riding my summers in the blue seats for now. My internship at Sitar begins on the 24th. Till then, it's Midterms (already?!- yuppo.) I'm just anxious for something. Maybe soon I will start acting my own age and stop having such elderly worries. I'm still here waiting and I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do. Maybe take a day off tomorrow Edward Cullen. The earth would like to see the sun.

"Then he was out of the room, out of the house, in the mild dust of the starlit road and the heavy rifeness of honeysuckle, the pale ribbon unspooling with terrific slowness under his running feet, reaching the gate at last and turning in, running, his heart and lung drumming, on up the drive toward the lighted house, the lighted door."
-"Barn Burning", Faulkner

I was seriously crying last night

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So pathetic, but I was actually tearing a little! I cannot believe I have met such wonderful people. I used to take so many pictures, and although I didn't take as many as in my past life I am so grateful for the ones I have. Somehow I love these people and I don't think that is necessarily something I would find myself saying. That kind of vulnerability is very hard to allow. I love them and I know in fact that is exactly how I feel about these hearts. Thank you for helping me open mine. I'm eternally grateful.