Inspiration Book 25

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It may not be the end of the world after all. But I can't help not shake the feeling something really big is going to happen. Something really exciting.

Marie and Bright

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Admirable quotes

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" But more than any thing I think what Mr. Beene actually trained me is another domain which is individualism, is to be you. And this is what fashion is all about: the surreal and the real and how you make surreal into real and how the real can become surreal. Because what we are doing now is not selling a skirt for 4.99 and a jacket for 7.55. It's more about selling a dream to women, to feel good, to look good, to be something that they don't want to be and still be themselves. " Alber Elbaz

When the demand is high...

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You have to have..
an awesome website.
an awesome portfolio.
an awesome business card.
an awesome resume.
awesome social media.
awesome branding.
awesome clothes.
awesome images.
awesome drawings.
awesome sketchbook.
awesome personality.
awesome perserverance.

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You write your first draft with your heart and you rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is to write, not to think.
Sean Connery

Live in the present. live in the present. live in the present.

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ph| Joannablu


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A new wish

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Mod Stat

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I was going through my flash drive and came across a folder in Inspiration, "Muses" and what do I find other some beautiful familiar faces. Erinn I'm sure you hate me. They look pretty good though. :)

Someday, Someday

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Imagine looking out...and seeing this.


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