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"Right now, can you make an unconditional relationship with yourself?
---Just at the height you are, the weight you are, with the intelligence that you have, and your current burden of pain.
Can you enter into an unconditional relationship with that?"
-Pema Codron (Taken from Huffington Post's interview with Tracee Ellis Ross)


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Another idea I've been keeping to mind is becoming okay with not being the best / immaculate at things that you do. For example, at work I check certain details over and over again, but all too often I get hard on myself when I still manage to leave something out. It's actually impossible to do everything right all the time, but we often make ourselves an exception to that rule. Plus-- a lot of practice goes a long way in looking out for errors. Be good to yourself. You will remember next time.
Also, I starting to become okay with realizing I'm not good at certain things and someone else is much better for the job. This isn't to say striving for the best is over rated. It's just to say striving for the best shouldn't glorify feeling miserable. There are plenty of things that are worth your hardship and lend positively to your sense of self.


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I've been thinking a lot about this quote lately:
Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.
-Eleanor Roosevelt. 

All too often I find myself thinking / talking about people. I imagine that is the easiest thing to talk about. -And the easiest thing we allow to influence us. How much better it would be to talk/think of and be influenced by good ideas.