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Gratitude 7/20------

-One business project down, 2 to go.
-Walking in the rain with friends
-Our lost checks reaching the land lord
-Dinner with Rachel
-Waltz lessons
-Seeing everyone at subecero
-My photographer, friend, and chef Chiaping
-A lovely summer apt.
-Clean laundry
-My self, and friend, Michael. Let's face it, it is easy being our own toughest critic. We're trying out a new relationship.

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Gratitude is a small project making a conscious effort to remember the good things that have happened, especially when its so much easier to think of what isn't going right. Try it out : ) You are in control. 

From Andrew's Letter

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"What is most important is that I am trying to do my best for others. I want to surround myself with good people! ...Without thoughtful and caring people like you, I would probably be a mean and grumpy person. Your kind heart and genuine character serve as a model for me. I hope that you will never stop your curiosity for the beautiful things in life. Go on hikes in forests, canyons and mountains, go fishing, research wildlife, and get out of city Life if you can. Surround yourself with good friends who care about your future. Fall in love with someone. Get your heart broken. And then move on and fall in love again. Breathe life every day like it is your first. Find something that you love to do and never stop doing that thing unless you find something else you love more.

Don’t blame others for their mistakes. It makes you weak. You are a strong man who does not need to be weighted down by people who only complain and say negative things. Speak with conviction and believe in yourself because your personal confidence is just as important as your education."

Andrew Pochter, from Chevy Chase, Md., was stabbed to death on June 28 during anti-government protests in Alexandria, Egypt. Andrew's letter is addressed to a child he counseled at Camp Opportunity congratulating him on his graduation.

Kay Dené, "Casualty of Love"

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My dear friends, please view this remarkable music video by my friend Kay Dené. Listen to her dream.
I'm sure you will like it. I can't wait to see all the goods things to come. : )

We're all casualties..every once in a while. <3>

Forever Twenty-One

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So here I am, the last evening of 21. The last ten minutes infact. Really, this is all very somber. It's the year they want us to immortalize forever. "Forever Twenty-One" 
Will I always wish I were 21? 
We've been together for a few years Miguel. And really, I probably wouldn't, (nor could I could have) do, (done) it with anyone else. Forever 21, Forever 22, Forever 23...
4 minutes left, 
And I am spending them writing a report because I am still equally afraid of writing after all these years. Ironic. 
I wish you a very happy birthday Michael. From the 21 year old me. I will always be 21. And I can't wait to see what happens to you. All my love, really. 

New 'Money'

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“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

— The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

I feel like in a lot of cases, we find ourselves saying, "the book is so much better than the movie". At least I suppose, that is what the intellectuals say. A group of which I cannot join because I confess I never truly understood the story of the Great Gatsby, until I watched the 2013 movie. Sure I had read the book and watched the old film, but I guess it isn't until now, that I am of more age and slightly more knowledge can I understand Fitzgerald's gift. 
Sometimes we (I) dream too much. With all good intentions we dream of having a remarkable life with a remarkable person, fulfilling remarkably romantic things and in a way become blinded of human realities. We are fickle, occasionally indecisive, enjoy security, money, and probably shy from responsibility -- mostly the responsibility of how we impact each other. 
Lately, I have been playing a game with myself where I say "ok, how do I really feel about this situation / person" without worrying how awful (lol, a lot of times) it may be. and compare it to the more 'socially acceptable' response. And compare those to the response, "neighbor". All just to be, if not with anyone else, more honest with myself. And maybe I will be more honest with them. I'm imploding. 
All this to say, we live for the hope of a better situation, and hopefully for the hope of a better self. One that begins again with the summer. Hopefully our life can be better than the movie and even better than the book. Ah, perhaps that is a tough one to accomplish. There he goes, dreaming again. Maybe dreaming too much. Maybe talking to myself too much...

Hello July.