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A few weeks ago, I mentioned how impressed I am discovering all the things I would like to do and become good at doing throughout the rest of my life. Most of my predicament has been to decide which of these feelings are the truest. Should I pick a specific order to try them out, how many days/months/years should I give to each? Essentially, what is my destiny.
I stopped at Barnes and Noble searching for gift ideas for Jane and came across a Vincent van Gogh quote written on a soap sleeve:
“Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.”
Perhaps we aren't made to limit ourselves.  I probably limit to make things more manageable, easier to wrap my mind around. The potential...who knows.

While on the note of Barnes and Noble, I would kindly suggest the book responsible for my affection for van Gogh, A Lust for Life. It was a required book at St John's, but it's one I won't forget. Extremely descriptive, a little romantic even, and something to pass the time on the subway. I mean, Candy Crush?

Inspiration Book 27

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Do all things with a happy heart.


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Throwing all my gratitude into the sky above, and much, much, much beyond that.
Thank you.

ph| Alexandra Benetel

Self Help Generation

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If I've noticed anything over the last few months it would have to be the multitude of articles telling 20 somethings things to do or stop doing in order to be more likable, more successful, a top star post graduate performer and I have to admit I've been pretty much sucked into it too. But how many lists must there be? If I carry out everything that thought catalog tells me too (Have good hygiene, be kind to others, stop trying to be someone your not) yes I am sure these are all things I should be doing, but is this really a formula to make me something special (thought catalog: "you are something special"/"you are not something special") but what is causing this explosion? Is it really this bad of an epidemic we care so much about what others think about us? (yes.. I mean we have twitter and instagram and facebook so EVERYONE can see how awesome our current life, future life, and inner linings of our brain look). Haha.. I am thinking I and everyone else in my age group need a little self help for our self help addiction. I'm not thought catalog and I don't have the answer to this one. But my best proposition is to forget all the eyes on yourself all the time. I know that's a tough one ---- after all what's a blog post for anyway. I think we are a generation fortunate to be able to create a spotlight on ourselves, rather easily. Sure, it's nice to bask in the light, but when we aren't in it, we want it and when we have it for a moment, we would like more. The human condition. I like thought catalog, but after reading the last few, I'm really letting myself get bullied around. Just a thought for your rolodex.


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Recently, I've been thinking about how when becoming seemingly closer to someone, the closer our clothes begin to match. A lady asks the attendant if she can take the seat next to mine, and I confirm that's alright. Later, she asks what I had studied in college. "Fashion". Wide-eyed, she laughs, she used to be a model. In this moment, I take off my sweater, I look at her shirt, she looks at mine and we laugh --practically forever. #gondolalife #kismet #grandmatogo