Savannah Adventure

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 protein for the morning! So yum!
Here they come....

soo many ah!
I have NEVER done anything like this before. haha they were SCREAMING lol

 so cute!!

 this is not zoomed in. haha.

 Ok...check out this enormous tree! It's called the Majestic oak. Boy, is it majestic. So tall, so strong, so magical. And even better, life giving.
Amy used to own a restaurant with a friend. It's now called "Ozzy's". It's blurry but maybe you can make out "Amy's Cheese stake"  on the list? :) We weren't there though. We're next door at Jalapenos haha. In reference to my tweet ...I like the food too....

I can't believe it but I haven't been so genuinely happy in a while. It's as though time slowed down. So much hope in the future, and in myself. Everything works, everything will work.