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So, I am on another acne regime again. This one includes salt water, lemon juice, honey, oats, a little bit of beer, eggs, ...stuff like that. We'll see how it goes. Summer's typically a time of rejuvenation. I have to figure out how to rejuvenate my hair. (...I'm going to have to let mayonnaise soak in it...icky). But good things come in tough packages I suppose. Or smelly ones. Did you know that lemons are a natural skin brightener and can help get rid of discoloration and or acne scars. But I'm sure it works differently from person to person. It's so cool because I suppose everything that you need to "fix yourself" is out there growing. Which makes total sense. I'm going to need a whole lemon tree in the yard.

I was taking these pictures a little while ago. My sister kind of caught me. From the look on her face gosh she thinks I'm weird. Not that I have ability to object. We can back from a family trip to the jcpenny a little while ago. Retail stores must understand that there still exist people who can wear size small, so a shipment would be nice. Forget designers not making clothes for big people, little people have just a hard a time finding clothes because we have to compete with each other. have you ever seen a size small at marshalls? no. It is legit XXL. like ...who is wearing that. let's be honest guys. There is size small discrimination. A lot of times who are we kidding, that shirt with a tag that says small is a MEDIUM. save some fabric. for those that fit it, more power.
...actually then again amongst womens wear, we could not find a size 16.

I have so much homework to do. All about the economy, and business things. Online classes are nice. You don't have to see the teacher, you just work. But it's a lot. And I do have one other real sit down class. I love the stories we are reading. I do not like his emphasis on class participation. Let it be the old days and let the professor just talk. Small class sizes are not always a glamor statement. I must have thrown positive patricia out the window. After trips to the department of motor vehicles, I got my learner's permit. I get up there, Ms. Bleach says "what?" and I tell her I am here for a learner's permit and I open my manilla folder and show her my registration form, birth certificate... I know the drill, I've been here three days in a row. In my movement she snarls "waayyet, you're not letting me see anything." like I'm a rude little boy when I'm trying to get my apparently ugly face out of ms. rude's hand. She poops out a ticket from the machine and hands me a number, her pink, gold tentacle nails crunch it up a little. Gosh people at home can be so rude. Like, they were all that way. Except, the lady that took my twenty. I mean I know you might not have the most wonderful job but girlfran, make the most of it. Frazzled, I sat down in the cold blue chair next to the other drones on the other side of the board that had the list of numbers being called. I open the drivers manual once again. The cover doesn't look very pleasant. A microsoft word added picture of a traffic jam. What a thing to look forward to. It's hard to tell when the picture was taken because the ages of all the cars varied so greatly. Breaky susan was put in park next to global trekker. It's funny because that's how the outside actually is. Talk about the economy and the haves and have nots.

All in all, the day is done and I must continue. Positive thoughts for the future.

Auf Wiedersehen