James Denim!

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I have such a love for this incredible artist's work. He dabbles in graphite, acrylics, digital media, etc, etc and has such a creative and unusual mind. James Jean is typically associated with being a cover artist of a comic book series called "Fables". And I would suppose that I find it so enchanting because of his little fairy tale forest animals and wacky themes. Perhaps I didn't say that correctly. Check him out for yourself!


"Shoe makers"



(This one kind of reminds me of a "clow card" ..ha nerd reference)

He does have works that are a little more realistic, like blatant comparison going on in the little boys room. (see "Flush")
And what makes this guy extra special is his collaboration with Prada in 2007. He created some designs incorporated in purses and shoes and bags, photo theme. and you have to have to see his Prada ad! so crazy, so wonderful

A fashionable collaboration