If there were 15 Michael Edwards-es

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Then after the chopping block, after the tyrannosaurus beast gobbles you down and spits you out: sometimes there's an odd moment where you and your one self ask: "What am I to do now?" Where do you start? Where do we start...
If there existed 15 Michael Edwards
I'd send one to Wallin to clean the flats,
one to pick up the markers and take them to the drawing room to render,
one to spray paint the port book and embellish it,
one to go to the bank,
another to package and deliver parcels to the post office in direction to Home and Jamie,
another Michael could make lunch,
while another one takes a shower for all of us,
one definitely in Eckburg drafting collars,
one to pin the petals onto the collection dresses,
someone running to kroger to pick up scotch tape. 
one telephoning Joanns to order one less yard of fabric.
one to tighten my breaks,
while another sorts laundry.
someone who's in 24/7 beast mode.
and maybe one who's willing to take a nap for us.