Influential Person #17: Soo Kim

6:15 PM Michael 0 Comments

Last Spring quarter, I signed up for a class "Fashion Merchandising, Planning, and Control." What I did go in was knowing I would need a calculator and the left side of my brain. What I didn't realize was it would prompt a journey to discover the so many other facets of fashion outside of design. And you know what it gave me? Hope. Soo Kim is one of the most influential people on my journey because after learning about the customer and the marketplace I could never design the same way again. And this certainly isn't a sad thing. It is a happy shift. I can now design for people. People with lives.
Most of all Soo Kim gave us everything. It is observable when a professor goes clearly out of his way to help. Thank you professor. 
It's very inspiring to see him going after his dreams. School is not the same. We miss you so so much. Thank you for FASM at scad. I should defend it more often.
There is something I will never forget him saying : "Don't say 'I think', nobody cares what you 'think'. Say 'I believe'"