Promoting Hair Growth: Rosemary Tea, DIY

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I know..oh no not another tea. Yes my friends, it's tea time again But instead of drinking this one, you're going to pour it into your hair and walk out of your at-home salon with lovely, longer locks.

Gushed and googled over, hair is essentially dead cells that grow up and out of your scalp (haha, what if I said brain..). And we take a lot of time to iron and dye and curl, sculpt, straighten, or whatever our chia-pet. Not to mention spend a lot of money. Hair is a beauty statement- and of course can help assist confidence and positive appearance if taken care of. And although often desired by women, long hair can always be found on men, despite different rules and regs that prevent such a lust- in the corporate/catholic school worlds, places like that. More and more companies use "natural essences" to sell their hair products: ie: Herbal Essences, Garnier Frutis, Aveeno, Tresemme Naturals, and the list goes on. Some change for better, others for worse. A shampoo, or in gen product rule of thumb, feel free to experiment with different, maybe even lesser known products, Roc and CURE, two of the best facial products out there do not advertise at all, yet their sales-and results- are amazing. (*update: i totally saw a Roc commercial once, i guess they were just kidding.) You could surprise yourself.
In a case like Herbal Essences, I have to say, what their making now isn't what it used to be. It became commercial.-and so did the contents.

Different teas have special characteristics, like can bring out your natural highlights, cleanse, or tint and tone your hair. Rosemary tea's properties deep clean hair follicles and help stimulate hair growth. Of course it's just one of many ways to treat balding in men. ...moving on.
I don't know why but I've really wanted longer hair for the majority of the summer. Haha it's pretty bad. I've already considered extensions. But let's be real. 
So what you're going to need is some rosemary. And where can you get some of this miracle bush? Well, there's a chance that it's in your cabinet, or surprisingly there is a chance that it could be growing in your yard. But if it's sincerely in neither of those places, you can buy rosemary leaves like these at Whole Foods or you can wait till Christmas and snip it off of your Christmas tree.
You're also going to want one of these kind of squirty bottles.

You can of course get more professional and use a real hair squirty bottle. But pouring it straight from the cup or turkey baster works to.
However you obtain your rosemary, take a bunch,
And put into a saucer of water (about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups) and let the rosemary steep on medium heat. Low takes a long time... and high will make it evaporate too quickly. There are different ways to do this part. You can make it "exactly like tea" and let the water boil on it's own and then pour the water on the rosemary in a cup. But whatever we do, we want it hot.
The longer you let it stay, the browner it gets. But stop the heat when you feel the water is brownish enough and before all the water is in the atmosphere.
OK now go ahead and pour your rogaine in to the bottle and tada you are finished. 
The reason you want to use a bottle like that is so that you can better directly put this into your hair. When you are ready, 

Part your hair into sections and apply all around. But be careful not to wear white clothes...If you have lighter colored hair you might want to know that Rosemary tea is a natural dye and will dye, or if you ask me tint your hair slightly darker. It's barely noticeable and the hair holder will know but no one else. It's temporary so don't worry too much! 
I would suggest to do this in a safer place like the bathroom. I typically use it twice to make sure it's in: Once in the shower with shampoo and a second time afterwords, pat it in and let it air dry.
The rosemary tea will help strengthen and refresh your hair. I don't loose nearly as much hair in the shower as before (embarrassing). There's a lot of differing ideas regarding natural products versus chemical products- and to be honest, I think both work just fine.
Hair loss is a sensitive topic, and I'm sure the price to get it fixed might let the rest of those follicles to fall out. So it may be a little silly, but sometimes silly things work (otherwise everyone would be looking like a god). As always I wish you the best, and beautiful hair! Tousle them softly!