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I had the weirdest dream this afternoon and it left me waking up feeling so raw. Who'd have thought you could have such intense nap dreams.

I believe it took place at a celebratory party... and a number of friends throughout my life were there, including my beloved sewing teacher and friend Allison. In the night it was mentioned about my new career. And being supportive as she always is, I could tell something was bothering her. It was her eyes. Even in my dream I could see her eyes. Was she heartbroken I wasn't doing fashion anymore. Her reaction was kind of in disbelief. She asked if I would ever go back to the industry. And I told her that I have been thinking that one day I would.

It was such a strange dream because Allison is a person who I know just wants me to be happy, and would be excited for me no matter what. But I could feel her heart break so clearly in my dream. It woke me up hours ago, and can't stop thinking about it ever since.