Teenage adults.

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Card getting declined = fail. haha
I can only enjoy things while in the store.
Maybe it's just me but there were some pretty attractive folks in VA on Sun. lol I'm sorry. I clearly just want to get married. Like now, thanks to Inez. That's such an evil request. But I think you can have it all (anything you want in the world, anything you want in the wor-herld.) (ps. Chris Crocker is totally playing off of her look?) / The guy stopped his bike for you! that's so cute

I likeee pictures:

I am sure these will be archived on Facebook eventually. Sydney I am sure you will see this page. That is if you ever want to get hired.

Martha Stewart. 500 days of Summer was totally not the first to think of this.

Slash having one of these is so helpful:
haha you can park "anywhere" yet take forever to get gas. Oh Wheaton AND HEARTS;

Also, this is pro-life for you. Screaming family. It's screamin' it America. It's cute at first I promise. This is like seventh heaven.
Sorry I know I'm not the bomb at this but it's happening. Blogger you are so difficult to edit. Like- this is not even myspace. I am so stupid. failed debit card, failed post.