Hello February.

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Bye Bye Weekend. :(

Color theory and Drawing are on the Agenda and I am ever dying in Speech class. Makenzye and I were in the laundry room doing our drawing projects last night/this morning. We called it off at four. My clothes did not get properly dried though so now they are all over the bed. This is chillin with the Pandora. I'm thinking maybe I should put more pictures on the wall but idreallyknow. I haven't seen so many people in a very long seeming time and FOUR WEEKS, NO WAY. That's so fast! I'm actually sad about it. No more CB :(
I just want to go dancing. Here are so pics from Jasmin, Alecia and my trip to the Chinatown by Anderson. Haha it's so cute! At least the little boy was.

Mylene! I COULD'NT BELIEVE when I saw those panda things! Like I literally said your name out-loud! I will probably go drawing later.

So I'm really not into makeup but Michelle Phan recommends this concealer for guys in her "Guy Makeup Tutorial" and I live (and love) her. But it's pretty nice. I'm not a makeup wearer though still. I can stick around for the crows feet. I don't know, guy make up is becoming more and more increasingly popular, like a change of the times. But we'll see. I am however an avid face washer and although I don't have this I have only heard good things about IQQU, Michelles Line. It even costs less now. Click on it if you want the website. oh and watch her youtube videos, I love her!

I've been thinking about doing a picture a day thing, but I've been trying and not consistently doing it in the past. I will tell you how it goes!