What have you been doinggg?

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I love themm. And zumba. (That isn't a good picture.) I have windows 7 now! But I can't open any of my files on my external harddrive. I just borrowed a cord from Rachel but it doesn't really fit that well. And when it does notice it the only way I can open it is to format it and that would erase the files. So.. yea. I finished my speech on Friday!! That is insane. Maybe I'll upload what I read later. (LATER) I stumbled a bit on the end I should have just looked down at the note-card but just totally forgot. I tweet sometimes. You should totally follow me. And the drawing final is turned in. It's not the best but is a lot better than anything I could have done last quarter. This could be an embarrassing post. There are a few reasons why I go.

Say bye to the blonde. Well it's a 28 day change. and does not look like Nutmeg. I left it in too long. :( My fault. My fault.

You probs know how Asian obsessed I am.

I have a lot of Color Theory to work on. The other day I had to buy a certain sketch book for drawing class but it costs 30 large bucks for the maybe the 10 times you turn the page. Also, if I buy a 30 dollar sketch book that means I cannot buy drawing pencils and does that not defeat the purpose? At ExLihbris they sell a different dimension for 15 dollars. It's hard out here. My mom wants to know if I need more money but I found that my dad lost his job the other day. He's had that one forever and now he is old. So that's pretty scary. My mom doesn't really work so.. I have tried for a position as an RA but I don't think I have attended any Residence life events this quarter yet and cannot get a signature on that. We will see. My friend Kayleigh and I will possibly get job applications at XO. I don't really know.

So I've thought about a few things to keep up blogging. Including I have recorded videos. I would just have to first get over being embarrassed and put it up. Also, I was thinking of a day shot. But the dramatic hair change has already gone over. We'll see.